(Catalog Numbers IB8S, OB8S). POINT Guard The examples and diagrams in this manual are included solely for illustrative purposes. Because of . RS Stock No. ; Mfr. Part No. IB8S; Brand Allen Bradley Guardmaster POINT Guard I/O Safety Modules User Manuals · POINT Guard I/ O Product. View and Download Allen-Bradley IB8S user manual online. Point Guard I/ O Safety Modules. IB8S Control Unit pdf manual download. Also for.

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While the Overfrequency bit is set to 0, you must use an alternate method to monitor the frequency of the system because the value reported by the module is latched 1374-ib8s 1 1734-ib8s manual.

Follow these guidelines when you handle this equipment: Specify 11734-ib8s general properties of 1734-ib8s manual module. A single-pole, anti-aliasing filter of 10 Hz is followed by a four-pole digital filter.

Provides declarations of conformity, certificates, and other certification details. Page Appendix C Specifications Notes: To determine what is appropriate, analyze each safety channel.

This bit status is not always the true indication 1734-ib8s manual a burned-out lamp. Configure The Smartguard Controller Chapter 6 Configure the Module for a SmartGuard Controller Configure the SmartGuard To configure input and 1734-ib8s manual connections to the controller and complete the setup of the controller, follow the procedures in the next sections.

Not Used Standard The output is connected to a standard device. Click the Connection tab.

1734-ib8s manual To display parameters for editing, double-click each Engineering Units Alarms group. Chapter 5 Configure the Module in a GuardLogix 1734-ib8s manual System To configure alarms for each of the safety analog input channels, follow these steps.

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Pulse Test A contact output device is connected. Data Description Run 1734-ib8s manual Indicates whether consumed data is actively being updated by a device that is in one of these states: Chapter 4 Install 1734-ib8s manual Module Precautions Follow these precautions for use.

1734-i8bs equipment is sensitive to electrostatic discharge, which can cause internal damage and affect normal operation. The diagnostic is used to make sure that the 1734-ib8s manual are not drawing over- or under-current and that channel-to-channel shorts are not present. This action provides more accurate diagnostics. Mission Time for all 1734-ib8s manual is 20 years.

A fault in the output circuit has been detected. The SmartGuard controller can have up to 32 connections. Safety A solid-state safety sensor is connected. Don’t have an account? Status There is one status tag for each input point. In the Name field of the New Module dialog box, type a unique name for the input module.

Page 11 Summary of Changes This manual 1734-ub8s new and updated manhal as indicated in the following table. Right-click your module and choose Properties.

Signal Under Range Under configured range. If 1734-ib8s manual fault is detected on one channel, the safety output data and individual safety output status mqnual off for both channels.

IB8S Point Guard I/O Module In-Stock. Ships Today – Santa Clara Systems

1734-ib8s manual OK to return to the Module Properties dialog box. Chapter 2 Safety Inputs, Safety 1734-ib8s manual and Safety Data Dual-channel Mode When the data of both channels is in the on state, and neither channel has a fault, the outputs are turned on.

Appendix C Specifications Drift and Temperature In Current mode, the accuracy drift of the IE4S module is very dependent on the temperature of 1734-ib8s manual module and the amount of current being measured.

Do not connect loads beyond the rated value to safety outputs. Page Configure the Module for a SmartGuard Controller Chapter 6 Follow these steps to set 1734-ib8s manual node address with the node commissioning tool. Page 17 assemblies status indicator signal lines 27 … mounting 57 input assembly mounting base IB8S 1734-ib8s manual 57 IE4S connect the module 59 OB8S install 57 input configuration tab 89 installation 57 input data Turn on the safety output or reconfigure the channel, if desired.

This configuration does not affect pulse tests because it is handled on an individual channel basis. Keep these points in mind as well: Double-click each set of input points to 1734-ib8s manual their configuration. Use only a soft dry anti-static cloth to wipe down equipment. Modules clearance above the modules.

When a second device owns the configuration, Remote is displayed, along with the safety network number SNNand node address or slot number of the configuration owner. Falling edges are not well-defined. Solid green The module is operating normally. Rising edges are not well-defined. When the input rate is below 30 Hz, the status indicator is flashing yellow as the signal turns on and off.

Guidelines for Placing Power Supplies and Modules in a System Chapter 1734-ib8s manual Placing Series A Digital and Always install modules in accordance with their specified operating temperature ratings, as listed in Appendix, and provide a minimum of 5. To display the parameters 1734-ib8s manual editing, double-click each group of Dual Channel 1734-ib8s manual Inputs.

Page 2 Mean time to failure Spurious.

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