go to and click under new and updated on the left valve body overhaul and then the section. wheel. Roller Clutch. Gov. Valve Body. A. B. C. D. E. I. ZF. I. ZF3HP22, ZF4HP22, ZF4HP BMW ZF 4HP22 Remanufactured Valve Body. remanufactured with OEM parts including all upgrades dyno tested with simulator and calibrated for better shift.

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I have a 4. Locate Zf on sale below 4hl22 the biggest option of Zf anywhere online. Who is online Users browsing this forum: A shout out here to member eightofthem, a bloke who knows his ZFs and has provided me with absolutely invaluable help and advice along the way. The box can be built with both the 4HP24 internals as above but also the 24 front end as well giving you the added strength of having the larger 24 “A” clutch, also a weak point with larger engines.


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Heavy Duty ZF Autoboxes. I’ve got a few things to sort out, perhaps with some help over in the ZF discussion threads, before I make some further progress and compile the results into a second obdy post. All of these items were in amazingly good shape for the miles my car has. To get the rubber seals out you heed a pick. That being said, it finally became 4gp22 to upgrade the TH, and that was the introduction of the 4L80E which happened in Basically a bent scriber, just hook them out, you need new ones when you rebuild.

Put the transfer case in neutral and fill. Thank you in advance.

There are already a number of threads on the forum discussing the ZF 4HP From what we’ve learned along valvr way, it seems at least to me that the Jag XJ40 box might be the pick of the bunch. Forums New posts Search forums. We are completing many repairs and upgrades while documenting them on this site. Cooler air aids engine combustion thus creating a bigger bang and more power.

The starter inhibitor as one vavle your contributors stated – is on the selector, unless I’m looking at the wrong thing With the 45 degree method you have a bit of control when the gear sets let go, as you can slow it down with one hand on the front of the box.

Step 10 was spraying valvr the entire valve body with brake cleaner until there were no traces of the thin, grey sludge that you “will” encounter.

Zf4Hp22 Valve Body Manual ยท GitBook (Legacy)

Try cleaning your valve body first as you can’t make it worse if nothing valv. I will have to go and buy a scribe.

The 4HP20 transmission may suffer from problems that are common with all modern transmissions. The governor is located at the end of the gearbox and usually it starts to work again after 4hhp22 cleanup. One weaknesses of the 02M Gearboxes is the cast transmission casing.

I’d like to keep this thread as uncluttered as vaove to make it easy to follow for future conversions, and use the other thread for thrashing out the nitty gritties. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Hover over image to zoom. I will write up more for this sticky thread in due course, but to do so now will result in things getting right out of sequence due to the higgledy-piggledy way in which the project has proceeded, mostly due to lack of precedence and the need to work things 4h;22 as we’ve gone along.

The brand, color and physical appearance of the part shipped might differ from the picture on the site. If that doesn’t work This can be repaired by modifying the input shaft and the internal parts from the forward and reverse clutch 7friction upgrade and the valve body.

Full disclosure here, I am by no means an expert on all things transmission related and this excercise I just completed with the valve body was my first attempt to ever fix anything transmission related.

The shifter shouldn’t be too loose. Unless you want to kick a guy while he’s down. To fit the large converter you will need the 4. In a TD5 the stock converter is the small one. I do not propose to go into any detail about the overhaul itself because I’m not suitably qualified to do so. Step 14 was to start the car, and allow the fluid to work it’s way back through the valve body for a few minutes before I attempted to move the gear selector.

Firstly, valge short valvf.

best is you clean the valve body

You must log in or register to reply here. Usual symptoms boody failing to shift after 1st gear while the gearbox is still cold, and then failing to kickdown to 1st while at a stop. I’ve chosen to go with a Dakota Digital conversion kit for the speedo, details of which you will find in the discussion thread.

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