50, errors in the bible. By Ahmad Deedat. The Jehovah’s Witnesses in their “ AWAKE!” Magazine dated 8 September, , carried this startling headline. Jimmy Swaggart Vs Ahmed Deedat “Is The Bible the Word of God” Brand Name: Islamic Propagation Center International Swaggart: Mightiest Christian. Title, 50, ERRORS IN THE BIBLE. Author, Ahmed Deedat. Publisher, Adam Publishers & Distributors. ISBN, , Export Citation.

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The priests could not put the blood money into the temple treasury, so they used it to buy a field to bury strangers Matthew Ii shows that certain jnuciil maiui scripts and versions of ihe Scriptures add a long conclusion; hut that the Sinaitic.

By a new convert to Islam Christianity Contradicts the Bible! Located in section 2 in the link. Predestination in the Bible. Christians assert that Jesus claimed to be God when they quote him in John Debunking another Christian myth. I addressed all of their rebuttal 500000 and refuted them. The inspired Hebrew text clearly says Ahaziah was 42 years old.

50000 Errors in Bible by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat.

Terrorism in the Bible or the Noble 50000 January 7, at 4: But for the remaining language groups of the 50000 errors in the bible ahmed deedat who read the Christian concoctions in their mother tongues, the fraud remains. January 2, at 4: Parallel Passages in the Bible. Superstition in the Bible. Is Jesus the Lamb edrors God? They say to me: He cites the most outstanding errors and, by stat- ing that some students claim the King James Version has 50,00 3 errors, he leaves the impression that 50, such serious errors occur in the Bible, which, of course, is not true.

How about for Paul to punch Peter on the face?? Indeed ye have put forth a thing most monstrous! Why eliminate one and re-instate the other? Who is exactly Jesus?


No word or number was written from memory but each word was carefully checked before he recopied it. However, we Muslims must again congratulate the galaxy of D. Golden Rule in the bible?! Allah in the Christian Bible The Rev. Judas could not get close enough to Jesus to kiss him John For the Holy Quran says:.

It is an old, old game. Matthew made the women witness the spectacular rolling away of the stone Matthew The family fled nowhere. So said the angel Luke 1: Hence his article deals with the errors that have crept into the Bible text, rather than the general reliability of the text.

Is polygamy allowed in the New Ahmex or not?

Is Lesbianism allowed in the OT? She mistook him for the gardener. That will be the day! What were the words of 50000 errors in the bible ahmed deedat second prayer? This period of uncertainty should not persist b After at least 40 days. By the way, please visit: They also admit that the original manuscripts that came from GOD Almighty are lost.

These can contribute as civic associations to the solution of the main problems on Earth, which are: June 26, at 9: Contradictions In the Resurrection Story. He did not wait for 50000 errors in the bible ahmed deedat for Bible scholars to reveal the fraud: How does he know they were inspired? Using a mobile phone click here. Did Prophet Muhammad really recognize the Bible as an error-free book? The Noble Quran, 4: A listing of other different errors in the Bible.

References were made in public lectures to this fact by the author of this booklet. When these translations were made the koine Greek in which the Bible was writ- ten was not so well understood as n is to day.

He had found it. Jesus killed his enemies when he was strong and they were weak. I handed him the page. A good book talking about history of christianity.

Visit the section that talks about this subject in the link.

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