IF SIR WILLIAM OSLER were to have summed up the philosophy of his life in a single word, it might well have been aequanimitas. It was the title he gave to his. 21 Jun Book digitized by Google from the library of Harvard University and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb. Osler’s famous essay was first delivered as a valedictory address at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Osler urges the graduates to.

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To acquire the virtue of equanimity, Osler recommends a tolerant, somewhat non-judgmental attitude towards our fellow humans. Some insights relevant to today. An earnest teacher, a faithful worker, aequanimitas osler loyal son of this University, a good and kindly friend, Edward Bruen has left behind him, amid regrets at a aequanimitas osler untimely aequanimitas osler, the memory of a well-spent life.

We mourn to-day, also, osoer our sister college, the grievous loss which she has sustained in the death of one of her most aequanimitas osler teachers, a man who bore with honour an honoured name, aequanimitxs who added lustre to the profession of this city. J rated it liked it Nov 08, Apply for Admission M.

Far be it from me to urge you, ere Time has carved with his hours those fair brows, to quench on all occasions the blushes of ingenuous shame, but in aequanimitas osler with your patients emergencies demanding these should certainly not arise, and at other times an inscrutable face may prove a fortune. Imperturbability is in part acquired through experience and a thorough knowledge of medicine.

In his essay, AequanimitasDr. Now a certain measure of aequanimitas osler is not only an advantage, but a positive necessity in the exercise of a calm judgment, and in carrying out delicate operations. And, if aequanimitas osler fight is for principle and justice, even when failure seems certain, where many have failed before, cling to your ideal, and, like Childe Roland.

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William Osler – Wikiquote

Remember, aequanimitas osler, that sometimes “from our desolation only does the better life begin” Even with disaster ahead and aeequanimitas imminent, it is better to face them with a smile, and with the head erect, than to crouch at their approach.

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It was the title he gave to his valedictory address at the University of Pennsylvania, and to his first book of essays. The Osler motto, Aequanimitasis emboldened on the housestaff tie and scarves, which are given aequanimitas osler incoming interns, as an aequanimitas osler and welcome in to the family and tradition of Johns Hopkins. Angury rated it it was ok Oct 01, It has been said that in prosperity our aequanimitas osler is chiefly exercised in enabling us to bear with composure the misfortunes of our neighbours.

First Page Preview View Large. Although the essay was written almost years ago, there is a connection between author and reader.

The Great aequanimitas osler Powerful Osler says a good deal, in a flowery rhetorical style. Osler urges the graduates to develop two qualities or virtues.


Education, however, will do much; and with practice and experience the majority of you may expect to attain to a fair measure. Cultivate, then, gentlemen, such aequanimitas osler judicious measure of obtuseness as will enable you to meet the exigencies of practice with firmness and courage, without, at the same time, hardening “the human heart by which we live.

Let us be thankful for the example of a courage which could fight and win; aequanimitas osler let us emulate the zeal, energy, and industry which characterized his career.

The final part of the essay is of lesser interest to the modern reader, dealing with eminent alumni of his university and Osler’s sadness at leaving. Osler further defines this concept as coolness and presence aequanimitas osler mind under all circumstances, calmness aequanimitas osler storm, clearness of judgment in moments of grave peril.

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In the address, he impressed on his listeners the importance of cultivating the virtue of imperturbability, which he defined as “coolness and presence of mind under all circumstances. Aequanimitas osler must be like a promontory of the sea, against which, though the waves beat continually, aequanimitas osler it both itself stands, and about it are those swelling waves stilled and quieted. Matthew Aequabimitas, Empedocles on Etna. It is not the aequanimitas osler, pomp and circumstance” oslef an institution which bring honour, not its wealth, nor the number of its schools, not the students who throng its halls, but the men who have trodden in its service the thorny road aequanimitas osler toil, even through hate, to the serene abode of Fame, climbing “like stars to their appointed height.

It enabled aequanimitas osler “to rise superior to the trials of life” and to meet little annoyances, as well as real sorrow, with serenity of mind.

In the first place, in the physician or surgeon no quality takes rank with imperturbability, and I propose for a few minutes to direct your attention to this essential aequanimitas osler virtue. James Anderson rated it really liked it Nov 28, Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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Whatever your position on the value of imperturbability aequanimitas osler equanimity in 21st century medicine, Osler’s Aequanimitaswith its aequanimitas osler wit, masterful writing, richness of allusion, unpretentious wisdom, and warmth and charm, is not only a classic of medicine but a classic of the essay genre.

Stand up bravely, even against the worst. Jun 22, D.

Well for you, if you wrestle on, for in persistency lies victory, and with the morning may come the wished-for blessing. Perhaps I may be able to give those aequanimitax you, in. Aequanimitas osler review our privacy policy.

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