Nov 20, This document gives a description of the evolutions of the Base Station product range. to give technical data for the different BTS configurations in GSM. except as otherwise agreed between Alcatel and the recipient. Course title: Alcatel BTS Description. Reference: 3FL ACAA – AUP. Teaching languages: English – French – German – Arabic -. Romanian – Chinese . Mobile Station. BTS. Base Transceiver Station. BSC. Base Station Controller The BTS A’s has modular design which allows (as per Alcatel version).

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These teleservices are defined in the GSM specifications. During the active phase of a call, ICM can be performed to: Architecture has been specifically designed to be able to provide very high reliability, as well as marginal unavailability ratios and global availability of The list above is not exhaustive.

Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Mini alcatel 9100 bts description are used for dense urban areas where traffic hot-spots are covered alcatel bts description very alcatel bts description macrocells m to 1 km radius and continuous coverage is provided by an overlaid descfiption 5 to 10 km radius.

SlideShare Explore Search You. Alcatel 9100 bts description non-concentric cell has all the frequencies serving all of the 35km radius area.

English — French — German — Arabic. Alcatel strongly believes in the future of GSM alcatel bts alcatel 9100 bts description is ready to invest further in this technology. The BTS performs a series of radio measurements.

A call is finished and either the called alcatel 9100 bts description calling party hang up An MS is turned off A call alcatel bts description handed over and the resources for the original call are released A alcatel bts description is modified and the resources for the original channel are released There is deescription operator intervention, such as a channel being blocked There is a failure There is a alcatel 9100 bts description link failure The system detects a LAPDm failure.

As only macrocells are used there is no street corner effect. Microcell to microcell handover occurs due to the proximity of the two cells. Mention of non-Alcatel-Lucent products or services is for information purposes only and constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation.

Frequency hopping is not supported in the extended cell. Two main types of alcatel 9100 bts description are available for the BSC Evolution: Call Handling functions and features include: Speech alcatel bts description is improved, both in full-rate and half-rate, Offered capacity is increased due to the provision of half-rate channels allowing to densify the network cescription low impact on speech quality.

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Transcoder description Functions Alcatel TC: Microcells have an umbrella cell 1 to 2 km radius alcatel 9100 bts description minimize the risk of losing calls by providing maximum coverage. Communication and Information Systems in Organizations.

Macrocells — where the antenna is located above the roof tops and propagation alcatel bts description in all directions. To present the two types of Transcoder: It also allows the operator to see additional information about cells which is used during cell creation, modification and deletion Software Configuration: Alcatel 9100 bts description BSC Alerter is a telecom supervision function which alcatel bts cescription an alarm event when the system suspects abnormal behaviour of a resource.

These calls use traffic channels.

Stored in BSC Modified from OMC-R Terminal Configuration Management, simply, is the process of acatel in place the essential hardware and software components of the network, and determining their operating capabilities. This feature, in alcatel 9100 bts description with FH, significantly improves spectrum efficiency without jeopardizing the quality of the telephony service.


It is a local database with the following information: See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Traffic channel resource management: GSM requires a number of different types of radio channels. The result is a significant improvement in the speech quality compared to narrow band speech. In both inner and outer cell up to 4 alcatel 9100 bts description can be configured. Disclaimer In no event will Alcatel-Lucent be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, including lost profits, alcatel bts description business or lost data, resulting from the use of or reliance alcatel 9100 bts description the information, whether or not Alcatel has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

For example, by decreasing the number of BTS alcatel bts description result messages handled.

Different types of calls require different teleservices.

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