They’re also made of a waterproof, tear-resistant, material, which means they’ll survive far beyond your next trip in the park. You can’t go wrong with this map. The Friends of Algonquin Park Canoe Routes Map contains all the basic necessary information required by Algonquin Park’s back country canoeists. This map. Look for maps of Algonquin Park access points, best fall colour locations, hiking trails, canoe routes, day trips, mountain biking trails and cross country ski trails.

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Jeff’s Algonquin Provincial Park Map

If you can, consider a spring paddling trip around the first few weeks of May. The most popular maps in this series are Algonquin 1 and Algonquin 3, which feature the popular areas north and south of Hwy 60 respectively.

Packing as light as possible, with all the essentials algonquin park canoe routes map really important. Algonquin has inspired a symphony, dozens of books, hundreds of scientific papers, artwork by Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven, and draws visitors from across the country and around the world.

Date July 24, What’s new this week Have a trip coming up? With great attention to detail and background information, they have quickly become a popular choice among dedicated canoe trippers. For more details on this map and the entire Backroad Mapbook series, visit backroadmapbooks. Algonquin 5 algonquin park canoe routes map the area accessed through access point 17, Shall Lake. Date July 24, You may even get some whitewater in the Petawawa Rapids if you cozy up to the shore.

Algonquin Park

A large part of Algonquin Park is shown in very good resolution. Another reason to love this route: Our outfitting store at Oxtongue Lake is the most convenient outfitting algonquin park canoe routes map for the last two access cajoe.

You can order these books on-line at www. Routss, latitude, and longitude are all available anywhere the mouse points, and the tilt feature enables some very interesting views. While my reasons may be nostalgic, it seems I share this preference with Canadians far and wide: Shop Onsite Services Directions.

This route ends up at McCraney Lake, which features algonquin park canoe routes map beaches and steep, terraced rock faces. Portages are game changersmaking some canoe routes harder than others. It is difficult to give specific route advice without knowing whether you have a park map and what previous experience you have in Algonquin Park or similar areas. Below is a sampling of 3 to 5 day canoe algonquin park canoe routes map, complete with a map.

If the conditions are terrible, you can hire a water taxi and put in at Proulx. Date July 12, How hard do you want to go? Just be sure you have whitewater experience, or that someone in your party does. A good, waterproof GPS A comfortable sleeping bag A light, inflatable sleeping pad Maps and relevant guidebooks Non-negotiable water safety gear Your canoe, of course bring your own, rent from MEC or grab one from any of the Algonquin outfitters.

They can easily be modified by adding layover days or travelling a little further or a little shorter algonquin park canoe routes map day. Keep in algonquin park canoe routes map that because this is one of the more popular places to embark rlutes a paddling trip, the area is usually quite busy. If you are not familiar with the park, some practice and referencing to the Canoe Routes Map to figure out lake names may be required. There are some great spots for cliff jumping on these smaller lakes, but again, be sure to scout the area and look before you leap.

lark For whitewater paddlers, the Friends of Algonquin Park publish two detailed river guides by George Drought. Smoke Lake to Ragged Lake. Remember that this is a holiday, not a race. On the third day you return to your starting point by the same route you went out on.

Maps – Algonquin Outfitters – Your Outdoor Adventure Store

Maps are available online for free viewing and durable, waterproof print versions can be purchased at stores like Algonquin Outfitters. At times, high winds can make it nearly impossible to get across by canoe, but rouutes extra effort pays off.

Government Topographic Maps Saved from government extinction by public outcry, these maps offer extra geographic detail and are the traditional choice for many ruotes. We highly recommend these wonderfully detailed, waterproof maps for in-depth route planning and for navigational purposes on algonquin park canoe routes map canoe trip.

Don filled the book with interesting background information on the cultural and natural history of the park and charming illustrations.

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