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Find the most up-to-date version of SAE AMS-C at Engineering AMS-C REVISION. D. 10/16/ COATINGS, ELECTROLESS NICKEL. REQUIREMENTS FOR. THIS SPECIFICATION COVERS THE. MIL-CD. Grades. The nickel coatings shall be of the following grades : (lradeA – Oinch minimum thickness. Grade B – inch minimum.

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This last characteristic enables it to be best used in applications where part bending ams-c-20674 flexure, such as crimping, might occur. This is a stabilized document. If its corrosion protection, soulderability, hardness, cosmetics or lubricity we can help you achieve the final product.

Deposits from sulfamate nickel plating baths have in general a very fine grain structure, and as a result ams-f-26074 deposits are very smooth and ductile and have a slight sheen in appearance. At amms-c-26074 value, Class C should grow a shaft by. We can also help with your design to ensure RoHS compliance.

Heat treatment for Maximum Hardness Class 3: Arvada, CO map. Save Supplier Add To Shortlist. There are many different types of EN coatings and processes available to meet a wide range of unique applications.

Thermal treatment ar F C or above to harden the deposit. The charge causes a layer of nickel and phosphorus to form and this continues until the part is removed from the solution. I hope you find this information helpful!

The advantage that Electroless Nickel has over almost all other plated coatings is the uniformity of the nickel deposit thickness. Our tin plating processes facilitate soldering and improve anti-galling properties in steel, brass, copper, plus numerous other substrates, which otherwise have poor solderability.


Without the high and low current density found in electrolytic plating processes, Electroless nickel can deposit into recesses without burning or having excessive thickness on the outer edges of a amsc–26074.

We are going to make the assumption that you are making replacement parts and are not involved in any new design with the use of the drawing referencing the MIL-C Silver is a cost effective solution for applications that require low contact ams-c-2607, high thermal conductivity and chemical stability.

Item #: 1018 Electroless Nickel Plating Services

There are many different types of EN coatings and processes available to meet a wide range of unique applications. Electroless Nickel is deposited by a chemical reduction process that reduces the nickel ions.

Still SAE felt that the specification duplicated pre-existing standards and wanted to withdraw the document in favor of those older and well-used documents. The reaction is accomplished when hydrogen is released by a reducing agent normally sodium hypophosphiteand oxidized thus producing a negative charge on the surface of the part.

Its main use is in engineering applications. Deposit properties of Electroless Nickel far exceed those of electro-plated bright nickel. This is all terribly confusing, with cancellations, re-instatements, re-cancellations, reference to ever-changing replacement specs, etc. So in Octoberthe document was reinstated in the current Inactive Revision B and thus it remains to this day. Watts Nickel per QQ-NA Watts nickel is an electrolytic plating bath system that can creates both bright and semi-bright deposits.

EN plating is a chemical process that involves several simultaneous reactions in an aqueous solution, which occur without the use of external electrical power. Finally, sulfamate nickel plating has good resistance to corrosion and excellent solderability.

Plating Aks-c-26074 Download Register. I guess this is what you call “the fog of peace”: Electroless Nickel is a high quality engineering coating for corrosion resistance, hardness, lubricity, solderability and wear resistance.

Electroless Nickel Plating – Advanced Surface Technologies | AST Finishing, Inc.

Production scheduling and production flexibility that minimize turnaround time A staff that understands the importance of quick response for our customers. Mil-C was later reinstated.

This makes nickel plating best for industrial, rural or marine environments depending on the thickness of the nickel coating. Electroless Nickel- Engineering Purposes Am-c-26074 to wear and abrasion are the main uses of electroless nickel plating in engineering applications. The advantage that Electroless Nickel has over almost all other plated coatings is the uniformity of the nickel deposit thickness. It’s not possible to diagnose a finishing problem or the hazards of an operation via these pages.

Since the plating process requires no electrical current, the coating produced is a very uniform structure that can be applied over various metals and substrates. Uniform thickness is achieved on all surfaces where solution makes continuous contact. My opinion is that ASTM reads similarly for many requirements but is more up to date. If this is so, can someone tell me what the replacement documentation is. As electroless nickel plating finishes become brighter, they become harder ams-c-226074 less ductile.

As it is also a hard metal with a high endurance to wear, nickel, when used in nickel plating services and combined with various levels of phosphorus, is often applied as a base layer for its leveling and smoothing characteristics and ability to provide greater wear and corrosion resistance.

Santa Clara Plating Co.

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Our nickel finishes have durable mechanical properties that allow them to sustain severe operating conditions.

By applying nickel uniformly as a coating to the surface of another metallic substance, it can fill amx-c-26074 holes, recesses and cavities and does not build up on edges and provides resistance by electrolytic metals to base metals from being attacked such as cyanide copper or silver.

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