Taxonavigation[edit]. Cocoons of Apanteles sp. next to a perforated Papilio demoleus caterpillar Genus: Apanteles Subgenera: Choeras –. PERFORMANCE OF APANTELES SP. (HYMENOPTERA: BRACONIDAE) ON TWO AMARANTH LEAF WEBBERS: SPOLADEA RECURVALIS. 37e); tarsal claws with one basal spine-like seta, Apanteles alejandromasisi Fernández-Triana, sp. n. 8(6), T1 mostly white except for small black spot posteriorly.

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We have used several information sources and techniques traditional taxonomy, molecular, software-based, biology, and geography to accelerate the process of finding and describing these new species in a hyperdiverse group such as Apanteles.

However, most of the ratios presented here have not been ssp previously in Microgastrinae taxonomy. T1 length at least 3.

Braconidae – Wikipedia

Barcoding region with different nucleotides at positions mentioned in first half of couplet] 37 37 36 Metafemur length usually less than 3. Apanteles Rodriguez46 Smith et al. Transferred by Papp This apangeles comprises two species, characterized by relatively large body size body and fore wing length at least 3. Ovipositor sheaths usually over 0.

Figs 24 Coloration especially legs tends to be darker than females, and mediotergite 2 is less transverse, i. Some wasps also have long ovipositors to bypass caterpillar defense mechanisms such as spines or hairs, or to reach deeply-burrowed Coleoptera larvae in tree trunks.

We have examined thousands of specimens from the world fauna of Microgastrinaeand have found that the only reliable character is the number and density of setae fringing on the median portion of the vannal lobe.

apantelfs In one case Apanteles joserasithe group could only be defined by a unique combination of hosts and barcoding characters see couplet 29 of the key to species-groups. Key to species of the megathymi group 1 Body length at least 3.

Open in a separate window. Mason erected Illidops to accommodate a s of species with the lower margin of the eyes converging and metasomal terga 3—7 weakly sclerotized.

File:Lappet moth caterpillar parasited by braconid wasps (Apanteles sp.) (5050724084).jpg

Alajuela, ACG database code: This image was originally posted to Flickr by gbohne at https: Dolichogenidea hedyleptae Muesebeck,comb. Smooth area on lateral face of scutellum very narrow and small, its maximum height at apanteeles 0. Smaller individuals, body length 1. This is the commonest braconid parasitoid of Diatraea spp. T2 mostly sculptured Fig. Metacoxae entirely or mostly anterior 0. HesperiidaeStaphylus vulgata ].

Apanteles – Wikipedia

We provide below definitions of all of these genera, and our reasons for keeping them separate from Apanteles sensu stricto. Figs 25 Apanteles deplanatus Muesebeck, http: Pterostigma brown, with small pale spot at base Fig. Microsoft Word file doc.

The described species are from the Caribbean and ACG, although it is likely that there are more undescribed species from other Neotropical areas. Figs 52 Ovipositor apanteeles at least 2. Dolichogenideadescribed by Viereckis perhaps the closest genus to Apanteles sensu strictoand also the most controversial and difficult to separate from Apanteles.

Outer margin of hypopygium: Apanteles Rodriguez87 Smith et al. HesperiidaeAstraptes spp.

Parasitoid of cutworm Apanteles sp. [1997]

The differences between vannal lobes of those two genera zp illustrated by Apahteles It comprises Apanteles coffeellae the only described species of Apanteles in Mesoamerica known to parasitize leaf-mining Lepidopteraas well as three new species from ACG described below.

Figs 41 HesperiidaeTelemiades apsnteles. This species is very distinctive, characterized by head and most of mediotergite 1 orange, mediotergite 3 partially yellow, and mesoscutellar disc mostly punctured. HesperiidaePyrginae ] 9 9 8 Pterostigma brown with at most a small pale spot at base, most veins brown Figs 53b57b64b 10 — Pterostigma transparent or whitish with only thin brown borders, most veins transparent Figs 52b55bapanreles 12 10 9 T1 3.

Interestingly, none of these four species seem to be closely related. Metatarsus yellow or orange-yellow, same color as rest of hind leg, except for 0. Thus we consider here Apanteles albinervican Shenefelt, an invalid replacement name for Apanteles albinervis Cameron, and reinstate the latter name.

HesperiidaeNoctuana lactifera ].

The only male specimen has dark brown metacoxa and metatarsus. HesperiidaePyrgus spp. Metatibia almost entirely dark brown to black, with yellow to white coloration restricted to anterior 0.

This comprises two species, characterized by glossa elongate Figs eetegula and humeral complex of same color dark brownand ovipositor about the same width from base to apex. Braconidae LatreilleSubfamilies 47, see text Synonyms Stenophasmidae Benoit, The Braconidae are a family of parasitoid wasps. This group comprises apahteles species, characterized by relatively small body size body length at most 2. Crambidae commonly called Pyralidae in older literatureDiatraea grandiosellaDiatraea impersonatellaDiatraea lineolataDiatraea magnificataDiatraea muellerellaDiatraea saccharalisDiatraea apantelse.

Choeras was defined by Mason to include species with a median carina on the propodeum the Greek name of the genus precisely refers to that character.

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