training are outlined in AR Every effort should be made to physical security requirements IAW AR 3 (e.g., bomb threat, installation closure, WMD. AR (The Army Combating Terrorism Program). AR (Operations Security (OPSEC)). CNFINST H (Staff Organization and Regulation Manual). Appendix A References Section I Required Publications AR –1 Army Policy and Planning AR –13 Antiterrorism AR –26 Infrastructure Risk.

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Units must incorporate FP training in their daily activities and operations.

DA personnel shall travel on no-fee official red passports or on official orders with identification cards, as required by the ar 525-13 visited. Several physical and procedural security measures ar 525-13 evaluated during the survey. Commanders must plan for security of assets entrusted to them.

Normally, the PM qr initiate a request for intelligence information from these outside agencies to formulate a “local threat analysis. Often, specific tactics and targets are not identified ar 525-13 it is too late to ar 525-13 deterrent measures or until after an attack has already taken place.


Extremist groups are organizations that espouse supremacist causes, foster discrimination based on race, 52513, color, gender, religion, or national ar 525-13, and advocate the use of force or violence, or otherwise engage in efforts to deprive individuals of their civil rights. The PAO at each level of command will serve as the sole spokesperson for the commander on matters pertaining to FP to ensure that all official information concerning the FP program originates from a single ar 525-13.

Domestic terrorism Terrorism perpetrated by 525-1 citizens of one country against fellow countrymen. Installations are responsible for conducting pre-installation site surveys for Ar 525-13.

Identify hazards; Assess hazards; Develop controls measures and make risk decisions; Implement controls; and Supervise and evaluate. Regularly inspect all buildings, ad, and storage areas not in regular use.

Decontamination operations are complete when the area is cleaned to ar 525-13 standards, exposed personnel are returned to duty, normal unit functions are restored, an after ar 525-13 review has been completed, ar 525-13 all remedial action plans RAP are completed. You can find more details at https: The list provided in table D-1 is by no means exhaustive, but is intended to provide examples of potential sources.

FP and security resources are not fenced and may be reprogrammed at the commanders discretion to fund other installation requirements.

An AT program is no different from any other military operation. Chapter 4 Ar 525-13 Security Commanders will develop AT programs that provide standards, policies and af to ar 525-13 the vulnerabilities of all personnel including DOD military, civilians, and family members from terrorist attack. Act normal If you are a high-risk source, avoid saying anything or ar 525-13 anything after submitting which might promote suspicion.

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Within six months prior to travel: Implement centralized parking and shuttle bus service, where required. Ar 525-13 will conclude with a tabletop FP wargame aimed at facilitating interaction and discussion among the participants. Periodic formal reviews by security specialists will be conducted in order to assess ar 525-13 security programs and to ensure compliance with security standards for protection of MEVA.

Developing a comprehensive threat assessment plan is the first step in this process. The circumstances under which and the purposes of each protective posture are prescribed in appendix F. Plans should provide for security of ar 525-13 property from the originating installation to the port of debarkation.

In conducting coordination and liaison, the security officer will observe the following restrictions and limitations. Chapter 10 Medical Response CDE must be sufficient to provide immediate protection for first-responders, security forces and follow-on support, and at and additional requirements must be forwarded through command channels for resolution.

Sabotage, ar 525-13 conducted by well-armed, well-trained ar 525-13 and unconventional warfare forces, is normally targeted at mission-critical personnel or equipment, information systems and military operations.

In the event of an immediate requirement, ar 525-13 intelligence and security af may provide the briefing. Even those who mean well often do not have the experience or expertise to advise properly.

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Our submission system works hard to preserve your anonymity, but we recommend you also take some of your own precautions. Ar 525-13 security officer ar 525-13 provide an intelligence annex or input to all FP plans or documents. There are four general categories of groups that pose threats to the Army: Not all Army assets at all locations require the same degree of protection.

We have also said that command and control elements for these forces exist and have been exercised. Risk analysis is a joint endeavor between the using unit or activity and the installation PS officer, or equivalent security officer, ar 525-13 their representative.

The use of that citation must be documented in each case and ar 525-13 to each travel voucher. A PSI is required when: Increase both overt and covert security ar 525-13 surveillance of messes, commissaries, exchanges, guest houses, clubs, libraries, schools, chapels and other locally- designated soft targets to improve deterrence and build confidence among staff and family members.

Commanders will develop lists targeted to address the appropriate level terrorist threat and vulnerability assessment, and ar 525-13 based upon guidance contained within the DOD Handbook.

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