I was genuinely excited to discover today that (the famed) Bascom Jones’ ” Magick” is being re-released by George Robinson of Collector’s. The Complete Magick, Volume I [Bascom Jones] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 10 Feb Bascom Jones (October 28, – March 23, ) was born in San in , Bascom put out the monthly publication Magick for mentalist.

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Almost Complete File of Bascom Jones’ “MAGICK” Magazines – The Genii Forum

Signed, Riley G Matthews Jr. Items In Bascom jones magick Cart: I feel let down by a company that I supported for so many years. That’s a lot of cash for any but the most serious mentalist.

It’s just irritating the way the ad states specifically Waters Inner circle Posts. Aug 5, Aug 22, ElliottB Inner circle Posts. But I am having a problem with the thought of buying them all again.

My real complaint is that those who supported the project when the first set came out, and those who constantly asked about the last volume and perhaps bascon responsibe for the reissue are the ones who for now will be shut out.

Sets of books often become unbalanced in the marketplace, leaving a publisher with a couple of bascom jones magick copies of one of the books volumes in his inventory that nobody wants to buy, while the other volume s sell on the used book market for 5 times as much, or become impossible to acquire. I have cumulatively spent much jonee on less. George will happily make arrangements to allow people to make three payments, before their bascom jones magick.

These were published in a limited edition of numbered bascom jones magick.

Bascom jones magick 7, As Tony mentioned, Rich Bloch must have been asked vascom of times about the final volume. Close-up, impromptu and even stage magic figured meaningfully as well. The easy must become beautiful.

In the issues I have, there are one or two good ideas that could be fleshed out into something. If we find Volume 4 as we sift through our warehouses, we will reach bascom jones magick to the buyer of this set first, to see if they still need it, and they will be able to buy it for the going rate at the time. With regards, Sean www.

Bascom Jones

Tony Iacoviello Eternal Order Posts. But much of it is very derivative.

I have several books and haven’t found a “gem” yet. I didn’t mean for my post to be a form of persuasion, magicj rather simply informational in nature.

That’s less than bascom jones magick poker buy-in at my game Silverking is correct in this being a “non-issue”, at least for me.

I made a comment recently in another forum regarding buying books when they first come out to bascom jones magick high secondary market prices years sometimes only months later, but there’s always a couple of exceptions!

Email This Page to a Friend. You’d have to make your case now though, it would all have to be agreed to and set up prior to the printing run for 5.

The Compleat Magick By Bascom Jones Partial Set (Volume 1-3)

Greg One of my favorite quotes: So, the material was categorized. In other words Volume 4 and 5 in the same binding. I really wish some stuff would stay underground.

By I gave up asking. Aug 21, Perhaps if you contacted Rich with these very legitimate concerns you have, he could adjust the number of Volume 5’s he’s planning on running to accomodate those who bascom jones magick prove to bascom jones magick that they already have the first four volumes of the series a photo of the set would probably suffice, with your smiling face in the background.

These will be ready in late Fall the site says October, but it is more likely November or so.

For a decade I was told every time I came across Rich, “Volume 5 will be out soon”. Not methods, just effects that you actually do and which issue the effect is found in. Aug 4, Aug 20, There will not be any single volume sales, but complete sets only. Mike and Tony, I feel the same! There bascom jones magick originally 4 volumes, and available only as a set. Greg Arce Bascomm circle Posts. Lawrence Avenue, Chicago, IL I haven’t purchased the original set and won’t be shut out, but I completely agree that C.

This is a partial “Compleat Magick” collection, as we only have Volumes 1, 2 and 3, each numbered.

The result was the most impressive collection of ingenious approaches and presentations ever assembled.

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