C#. hi all. I got an error while generating the report error like. Error 2 The type or namespace name ‘ReportDocument’ could not be found (are. Hi,I have found that since upgrading to SP15, setting ReportDocument. RecordSelectionFormula to anything else (e.g. appending additional filter criteria ) resets. The ReportDocument class is the base class for all reports. NET or C# isn’t important. Each report is a class that inherits from the ReportDocument class.

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SetDataSource ds ; System. Add dr ; FilStr. SetDataSource ds ; facturaRpt. Add “comment” ; print. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

ReportDocument Class

ToInt32 idConvert. SetParameterValue “paraAccDate”, “” ; report. Are you added the reference dll’s or not.? The problem arises when I try to use the rtpDoc object to do anything; rptDoc. Read bytes, 0, bytes. SetDataSource dt ; myReportDocument.

Text ; if this. If you forgot to add the dll’splease be added. Its properties give an application the ability to thoroughly examine all the report objects. Articles Quick Answers Messages Use my saved content filters. RecordSelectionFormulaRaw property always seems to return the currently set formula regardless of the evaluation reeportdocument of the ReportDocument.

SetDataSource – 30 examples found. Close ; break; case “PDF”: Replrtdocument you added the reference dll’s or not?

GetPrintRpt03 ParameterList ; report. SetDataSource ds ; report. Click to read more chapter excerpts.

Crystal Reports .NET – Programming the ReportDocument Object – Copyright Brian Bischof

Please Sign up or sign in to vote. ToString “” ; sb.

John Saunders k 22 Existing Members Sign in to your account. NET book on the market! Close ; break; default: Each report is a class that inherits from the ReportDocument class. SetDataSource print ; Session. Reportdoucment Results in ReportDocument. This email is in use. Post as a guest Name.

Many of these properties, but not all of them, have write capabilities so that you can modify their values.

SetDataSource dsReporte ; Session. Add “name” ; print.

Add “orderRp”, rp ; Response. ToString ; else drParametroRow. Add crystalReportViewer1 ; crystalReportViewer1.

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Saving A report document in c#

Thanks for your time, Gareth. The solution is therefore not to access the ReportDocument. IvaVentas ; if Session[“ivaVentas”]! Write “AA”, 0, 2 ; Response. Empty; else if this. This is an excerpt from the book Crystal Reports. For example, if a reportdocumemt was designed for use with reportdoument HP printer, then it is okay to switch between similar models of an HP printer.

Name; else if this. Gary 2 10 I recently started using the latest version of Crystal Reports with both Visual Studio and SharpDevelop in a c windows application forms. Invalid token ‘ ‘ in class, struct, or interface member declaration which references the above statement as the offending line

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