Working with Active ReportsIn this chapter, we will cover the following topics: Building tabbed IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio Cookbook, Second Edition. 12 Oct The Active Report Cookbook is a good place to start: developerworks/data/library/cognos/reporting/active_report/page 22 Oct cognos_specific/pagehtml. A must read for Active Reports.

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A Button Bar provides the report author the ability to manually create the desired number of buttons.

IBM Developer : cognos active reports cookbook

To accomplish this functionality, the metrics area should be built in a Data Deck that is driven by the same item as the selection control. Setting the maximum row limit Getting repors How to do it To build a cascading prompt, each control must be filtered by the selections made in all of the higher-level controls.

To build a pop-up, HTML items are used to set the location and size of the pop-up container. A Static Repeater Table actiev the report author the ability to manually create the desired number of repeating items.

Working with Active Reports – IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio Cookbook – Second Edition [Book]

Cascaded source There’s more Enabling a larger worksheet size for Excel Getting ready How to do it Worksheet name in Excel output Getting ready How to do it As shown in the image below, a Data Deck is required for the detailed charts that are below the summary list.

Showing a username in the footer Getting ready How to do it In order to accomplish this, an HTML Item can be used to define the size and location of the frozen area. The following example provides the step by step instructions on how to use an Active Report Preview.

The second report will be a simple list which contains a variable with the Public External option enabled. To ensure license compliance, several techniques can be used.

It is worth noting that tooltips are not supported when consuming an Active Report on the iPad so for use cases primarily targeting mobile this technique should always be considered. When this feature xctive enabled a new No Data Contents icon appears above the Deck. With this information the IBM Cognos Report author is able to determine how many charts have been created, how many controls are in the report and what records are included in the report.

In order to accomplish this, HTML Items that describe the absolute pixel location of the object are used. If the author wants to force selection, then the Control Enable functionality can be used. The Container Select, Container Filter or Control Enable conditions can use combination logic between multiple Active Report Variables when more advanced interactivity is required.

This situation can be simplified by reusing the same query for multiple controls that share the same information. Capturing a query Getting ready How to do it To gain an understanding of how information within a chart geports changing over time a Discrete Value Slider can be used to update the chart.

The following example will step a user through creating a variable, assigning a value to the variable and displaying it on an IBM Cognos Active Report using the Variable Text Item. A consistent look and feel should be applied to all controls, data, layout objects, images, icons and text. This allows the end user to show only the information that they are interested in on the screen. When this setting is unchecked, the axes of each chart in the data deck will be scaled to the data contained in that specific chart.

When combined with the disconnected nature of the cignos, IBM Cognos Active Report ensures users have the right information to make business decisions while on the go. This process is made easier with the introduction of the Active Report Preview and its ability to select the device or size of device of the desired device.

A Data Drop-Down List provides the report author the ability to supply the available selections reporgs a drop down list based on the record set returned by a specified data item. Ed needs access to enough detail so that he can identify areas of concern and delegate further analysis to his management team. Templates are particularly useful when numerous reports need to be created using the same layout.

IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio Cookbook – Second Edition by Abhishek Sanghani, Ahmed Lashin

Aggregation and rollup aggregation Getting ready How to do ccognos An alternative to the cascading prompt that provides similar functionality and benefits for efficiently making hierarchical selections is the tree control.

A Drop-Down List provides the report author the ability to manually supply the available selections displayed in a drop down list. Tooltips that include additional information, custom styling elements or conditional formatting to highlight anomalies can be built using an HTML Item.

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