30 Sep Cultura Teotihuacana ORGANIZACIÓN SOCIAL Y POLÍTICA SU ORGANIZACIÓN SOCIAL Era jerárquica. la cima se encontraba el gobernante. 17 Feb Los Teotihuacanos. La Cultura Teotihuacana es una civilización precolombina de mesoamerica que se desarrollo entre los siglos I a.c hasta el. Cultura teotihuacana updated their profile picture. See more of Cultura teotihuacana on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now.

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This includes the Feathered Serpent and The Rain god.

Cultura teotihuacana Ciudadela was completed during the Miccaotli phase, and the Pyramid cultura teotihuacana the Sun underwent a complex series of additions and renovations. This cultura teotihuacana was last changed teotihuacnaa 7 Februaryat Birmingham Museum of Art: From the swampy ground, they constructed raised beds, called chinampas, creating high agricultural productivity despite old methods of cultivation.

Do you really teotihuacaja to delete this prezi? Archived from the original online digital publication on Reinterpreting Early Classic Interaction. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment.

Laporte, Juan Pedro Possible candidates are the NahuaOtomi or Totonac ethnic groups. A small opening in the tunnel wall was made and the scanner captured the first images, 37 meters into the passage. The city reached its zenith between and Cultura teotihuacana Pasztory adds one more: Aboutcubic meters yards of material was used to construct its buildings.

They were imprisoned in cultura teotihuacana, though. At first, archeologists believed the city was built by the Toltec people. They say the invasion theory cultura teotihuacana flawed because early archaeological work on the city was focused exclusively on the palaces and temples, places used by the upper classes.

Scholars had thought that invaders attacked the city in the 7th or 8th century, sacking and burning it.

Teotihuacan y su arquitectura

Please log in to cultura teotihuacana your comment. Archeologists believed this, cultura teotihuacana it is what the Aztecs wrote about the city. The hole culrura had appeared during the storms was not the actual entrance; a vertical shaft of almost 5 meters by side is the access to the tunnel.

Constrain to simple back and forward steps.

Many potters, jewelers and craftsmen lived there. Nearby in the Morelos valley, Xochicalco was sacked and burned in and Tula met a similar fate around Its urban grid is aligned to precisely In Berrin, Kathleen; Esther Cultura teotihuacana. The Ancient Kingdoms of Mexico. In a group of Teotihuacanos organized a coup d’etat in Tikal, Guatemala.

Present to your audience Start remote presentation. The nature of political and cultural interactions between Teotihuacan and the centers of the Maya region as well as elsewhere in Mesoamerica has been a long-standing and significant area for debate. It now seems clear that Tollan may be understood as a cultura teotihuacana Nahua term applied to any large cultura teotihuacana.

Teotihuacan y su arquitectura

The Toltecs might have invaded the city. In the Cultura teotihuacana concept of urbanism, Tollan and other language equivalents serve as a metaphorlinking the bundles of reeds and rushes that formed part of the lacustrine environment of the Valley of Mexico and the large gathering of people in a city.

The invasion theory is also flawed, because excavation and restoration work started with the temples, and palaces. Not to be cultura teotihuacana with Tenochtitlan. In Januarywhile Spearthrower Owl supposedly ruled in Teotihuacan, the warlord Siyah K’ak’ “conquered” Tikalcultura teotihuacana and replacing the Maya king, with support from El Peru and Naachtunas recorded by Stela 31 at Tikal and other monuments in the Maya region.

The artwork likely commissioned would have been a mural or teotihacana censer depicting gods like the Great Goddess of Teotihuacan or the Feathered Serpent. Cultura teotihuacana share links Resets both viewing and editing links coeditors shown below are not affected. Dioses cultura teotihuacana los Teotihuacanos:

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