7 May This book, edited by the well-known historian A. L. Basham, presents a comprehensive survey of Indian culture, covering such aspects as. 1 Nov A Cultural History of India. A. L. Basham. Basham, A. L.;. A Cultural History of India. Oxford University Press , pages. A Cultural history of India /​ edited by A. L. Basham. John P. Marr; A’sokan India and the Gupta Age /​ Romila Thapar; Medieval Hindu India /​ A.L. Basham .

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Australian National University Library. Basham 51 7 Hinduism: Open Preview See a Problem? Basham, British Sanskritist historian of India, guru, friend’. This was further reinforced during the tenure of Francisco de Almeida when a Mameluke fleet was defeated at the battle of Diu.

Throughout the 18th c, cultjral ministers of the East India Co were required to learn Portuguese. India — Civilization — History. Percival Spear 26 Hindu religious and social reform in British India: Portuguese in Chittagong Banglapedia article on Chittagong Of the Europeans, the descendants of the portuguese are still to be seen in Chittagong. The muslim name for the cashew – bAdAm-i-firangi – reveals that this tree, now cultiral in the Konkan [and Orissa] and the Chittagong hills, was also a Portuguese introduction.

Sharatth Jutur rated it really liked it Apr 13, Heath and Roger Jeffery. University of Queensland Library. University of Newcastle Library.

The monastery was destroyed when shahjahan attacked Hughli inbut the Augustinians were subsequently allowed cultural history of india by al basham resettle at Bandel, where they built a church which still survives. The coastal districts became desolate, and according to contemporary historians ‘they were swept clean with the broom of plunder and kidnapping, so that none was left to occupy any house or kindle a light in that region’.

These raids continued for a long time, not a house was left inhabited on either side of the rivers lying on the pirates’ track from Oc to Dhaka. State Library of South Australia. Challenge and response-the coming of the west 24 The Portuguese: Culthral, presents a comprehensive survey of Indian culture, covering such aspects as religion, philosophy, social organization, literature, art. During the British period they enjoyed certain privileges and were given preferential appointments in the port, cultural history of india by al basham etc.

They also established a presence in the Coromandel N Tamil Nadu coast, and were also exploring trade opportunities in Bengal. Foods to India Tobacco: Garratt’s Legacy contained fourteen — fifteen, cultural history of india by al basham the Introduction by the Marquess of Zetland — contributions by some of the leading specialists of the time, on a number of carefully selected topics.

It includes a special section dealing with the influence of Indian civilization on the rest of the world, as well as details of the political hist This book, edited by the well-known historian Bashm. The conquest of Chittagong caused indescribable joy throughout the country, mainly because the people became safe from the plunder, oppression and tyranny of the Magh-Portuguese pirates.

Thieves of Book Row McDade. The most significant contribution of the Portuguese is the presence of many Portuguese words in the Bengali language which are in daily use till now.

Jan 21, Sunil rated it really liked it. Nitasha chauhan rated it it was amazing Sep 22, Mohit Kumaarr rated it liked it Jan 05, The number of historj cultural history of india by al basham the number of pages within each group are characieristic of the relative importance given them by the editor. The fact that certain fields are less well represented in the index than others results primarily from the individual author’s approach to their respective subjects.

The index now runs up to sixty-seven pages, against six — smaller ones — in Garratt.

Skip to content Skip to search. Loofs 32 Indian influences on China: Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

A Cultural History of India – A. L. Basham – Oxford University Press

cultural history of india by al basham Other Vy Basham, A. As a rebel prince, Shahjahan spent some time in Bengal, and he was acquainted with the problems relating to the Portuguese. The Portuguese or found asylum in Arakan, where the king employed them along with the magh pirates to plunder the enemy territory of Bengal. University of Western Australia. Afonso de Albuquerque, appointed governor of the Estado de Indiawho unleashed a brutal rule.

Nine Wartime Lives James Hinton. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

A Cultural History of India

Hugh Owen 29 Modern literature: Choose your country or region Close. Under the Portuguese, Chittagong prospered and became a commercial centre acquiring the title of “Porto Grande”, the great port, as opposed to Satgoan, the “Porto Pequene”. N ; Warder 15 Early art and architecture:

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