read free Defying the Odds by Kele Moon read it online free, thousands free books online. EBOOKS FREE DOWNLOAD Defying the Odds (Battered Hearts Book 1) by Kele Moon EBOOK EPUB KINDLE PDF EBOOKS DOWNLOAD FREE Defying the. Defying the Odds has ratings and reviews. 😀 Or free on kindle unlimited! . I have loved Kele Moon’s M/M books but this really wasn’t for me.

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It’s werewolf mating season.

read free Defying the Odds by Kele Moon online

He never wavered even when Melody pushed him away to protect him. June promises to wait for him, knowing neither time nor distance will ever change her feelings for Evan – that is until she’s served with divorce papers while he’s overseas, and she’s forced to let him go.

I also find it problematic that the issue is never addressed again. A favorite read brought to life by the talented Elizabeth Munro. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the crap out of this cute smutty book.

Defying the Odds by Kele Moon

She didn’t want a ball or a fancy dress; she just wanted one night with Clay and damn the consequences. From the first chapter it was clear that the writing style didn’t suit me and that the heroine was too meek for my taste.

I also didn’t understand how both the characters could feel so much for lele another in the short period of time.

View all 3 comments. Defyint because of that, this only gets 3. It was forced and not believable. Nothing special about it. What a boring book.

Defying the Odds Audiobook | Kele Moon |

I enjoyed the elongated phase of longing for each other. Thankfully she married her own dark, handsome, brooding hero who has infinite patience for her airy ways and attempts to keep her grounded. When her worst fears are realized, Beth is left heartbroken and determined to forget her walk on the wild side. Clay and Melody meet, they find themselves attracted to each other, they become friendly, they communicate how they feel to one another, any baggage is discussed like adults and their love is so sweet, so pure, it made me purr like a kitten.

I’m a sap so I ate this shit up!!! This book was overdone in my opinion. I’m very much looking I’m keeping this short because there are already so many awesome reviews out there. And his story was so stinkin’ cute!! Melody serves an unordered piece of pie to Clay on Thanksgiving Sure, it’s a little strange that he only appears in her bed at night, but Gwen is so sure he’s the one, she just can’t turn him away….

This book was overdone in my opinion. Thankfully she married her own dark, handsome, brooding hero who has infinite patience for her airy ways and attempts to keep her grounded.

S the past victim of abuse element also wasn’t done well. Another victim of my must-read-books-with-fighters-for-a-challenge. It had some of my favorite elements: I have no idea why, but oddly enough I’m actually glad it went that way because this book turned out to be my least favorite in the series.

I felt like my previous two star rating was inept.

She doesn’t know he’s mion fighter and it seems all the men in Garnet are grown big. I want to read book 2 just too see them more but idk. Overall I didn’t like it.

One piece of pumpkin pie later This is for the romance lover I felt like her getting the summons was great, but the request for the people to let her know if her husband got the information with her address was sort of left hanging.

Hot, sweaty, intimate payment. My first issue is that the characters seemed strangely immature to me. Looking forward to the next instalment in the Battered Hearts series, perhaps with Wyatt or his sister Jules getting their happily-ever-after.

Soon things are getting way too hot in the kitchen. Oh well, at least the sex scenes were super hot!

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