तुम्हारे पास हूँ लेकिन जो दूरी है, समझता हूँ तुम्हारे बिन मेरी हस्ती अधूरी है, समझता हूँ तुम्हें मैं भूल जाऊँगा ये. Dr. Kumar Vishwas Poetry. 72K likes. सरस ऋतुचक्र के स्वामी, भुवन मोहन कन्हैया की ; सलोनी द्रष्टि इस “विश्वास” पर है तुमको सूचित. Dr kumar vishwas ” The Hero of Indian Poetry”. Kavi Sammelan. Follow. All types of kavi sammelan with famous poet. K. views. followers. videos.

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Many people cherish his couplets and their music library consits of his collections. His popularity remains unrivalled and ever increasing and is a culminated outcome of his devotion towards his passion. Kumar Vishwas has not only earned respect, love and admiration, he has showed the path to millions as well. Kumar Vishwas has been doing this since years just with a mic and his poems and wits in his soulful voice.

Few of his poems has also been recorded as songs encapsulated in albums. He understands that the huge young energy that assembles in his concerts, needs to be channelized positively. The beginning of his poetic career was nothing short of a blind aim.

He writes and sings his poems on stage with a bleeding passion. He did all this to dedicate himself entirely to literature and rest poemms history. His popularity can be guessed by the fact that his audiences sing his verses with him. When the career is that of a poet, every step is a risk. He did what he said and commands huge popularity today.

For a bollywood project, his verse has been recorded in the voice of none other than Aasha Bhosle. Whenever it comes to enlightening and motivating people on the moral path of progress, he leaves no stones unturned.

Dr kumar vishwas ” The Hero of Indian Poetry” videos – Dailymotion

He rhetorically analyses all the global political and social issues in his own style. His grip over romanticism, flavored with his wit makes him stand apart but is not merely confined to it.

He has always been highly sensitive towards the welfare of the society and progress of the nation.

peoms Along with mesmerizing verses, he witfully vishas the philosophies of life as well. He has written and sung many verses, yet ‘Koi deewana kehta hai It is his spirit towards humanity that keeps him going amidst all pros and cons of his career. Until Kumar Vishwas arrived in this field, it was believed that the youth is no longer interested in Hindi literature and is mainly concentrated around rock concerts.

He rose as a silver lining and the fresh air of spring that took the masses by surprise and pleasure at the same time.

These 18 Poems By Dr. Kumar Vishwas Perfectly Describe The Bittersweet Feeling Called Love

The people who make history d the ones who not only give their life to their career but also give their vvishwas a new life. Hindi literature owes a lot to him for writing a new saga in the field of poetry. His achievements, speeches and his entire life is an institution of motivation itself. The number is just increasing as the mesmeriser continues to entice the crowd and command the popularity. He has been conferred with many poetic laurels vishwaas is an elite name in the field of Hindi literature.

People of all age groups idolize him. He has overcome all hurdles and gained a fan following and acclaim of unquestionable spirits. It is hard even for celebrities to hold the crowd for long hours overnight inspite of all the accessorised back ups.

These 18 Poems By Dr. Kumar Vishwas Perfectly Describe The Bittersweet Feeling Called Love

He has had considerable influence on many lives. It has been more than a decade of his professional life as a poet and his charm is only increasing with each passing second. Collectively speaking, his poems are a mirror to society.

He prooved this cynical notion wrong by enticing huge crowd to his concerts. He has been constantly invited to leading institutes, functions of social welfare organizations etc and his speeches have been highly acknowledged.

There is a huge fan following of his wit among the netizens as well. He is also active in social media, constantly writing and commenting on the happenings in the society. He has been the common man’s voice on all national and international platforms.

He has broken the stereotypes and has not merely confined himself to writing poems and stage shows. He has fearlessly communicated his thoughts in the benefit of the people.

His videos are a big hit on You Tube and he is a widely searced celebrity by the netizens. The treasures that his pen has yielded cover wide range of notions viz. His fans includes people from all ages across the globe.

His solo concerts are as popular as his other ventures among the masses. He has constantly been the first choice for national and international stages.

He also delivered a lecture at Google headquarters in Silicon Valleyin on their invitation. The strength of the crowd that turns up in his concerts, marks the huge amount of popularity he has among youths. His motivational skills are exceptionally brilliant and succeed in driving the crowd.

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