Official Journal of the European Union. EN. Only the original UN/ECE texts have legal effect under international public law. The status and date. Regulation No 46 of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UN/ECE) — Uniform provisions concerning the approval of devices for indirect. [ECE-R46 Uniform provisions concerning the approval of rear-view mirrors and of motor vehicles with regard to the installation of rear-view mirrors, MOD].

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The centre of the monitor s shall not be below a plane passing through the driver’s ocular points, as defined in Paragraph Field of dce of Class V close-proximity mirror. The reflectance value is read directly from the indicating meter. The Competent Authority shall verify the existence of satisfactory arrangements for ensuring effective checks on conformity of production before type-approval is granted.

Maintain the 3-D H machine level. This method is applicable for those instruments, which are so constructed as to permit calibration at the per cent point by swinging the receiver to a position directly on the axis of the light source see Figure 1. Fig Reflection of an object y from a plane mirror.

Production Definitively Discontinued Measurement of the reflectance of non-flat convex mirrors requires the use of instruments which incorporate an integrating sphere in the receiver unit see Figure 2.

ECE regulations: ECE R upglade

Mirrors state for each mirror: In accordance with this test the smallest discernable detail is defined as the visual angle of the gap size of the Landolt- C Symbol at threshold size and is expressed in arcmin.

Care must be exercised throughout the remainder of the procedure to prevent the 3-D H machine from sliding forward.

When the mirror has a device for adjusting its distance from the base, the device must be set in the position in which the distance between the housing and the base is shortest. Unless otherwise specified in this Regulation, the definitions and symbols used dce Paragraph 6.

In such cases, a description specifying that the mirror must be mounted so as to conform to the above-mentioned conditions for the positioning of its attachments on the vehicle must be provided.

Where, due to the installation, the distance eye-monitor is more than the critical viewing distance, the maximum obtainable detection distance shall be defined:. Safety Concept of the Manufacturer The manufacturer shall provide a statement which ecs that the strategy chosen allows a safe operation of “The System”.

Camera being tested 4: The protective housing is placed horizontally in a device in such a way that it is possible to lock the attachment support adjusters firmly. Search in news Search. Where a single Class III or VII rear-view mirror is fitted this shall be located on the left hand side of the vehicle in those countries where the traffic drives on the right and on the right hand side of the vehicle in those countries where the traffic drives on the left.

For determination of the point light source detection factor R64 evaluate the luminance profile in horizontal and vertical direction Figure 2.

Devices for Indirect Vision – ppt video online download

It shall be possible to adjust the averagee luminance of the monitor either manually or automatically to the ambient conditions. As from June 30,Contracting Parties applying this Regulation shall grant approvals to a type of vehicle with regard to the installation of devices for indirect vision only if the type ec vehicle meets the requirements of this Regulation as amended by the 04 series of amendments.

Ratio of projected area vs. Any drawings shall be supplied in appropriate scale and in sufficient detail on size A4 paper or on a folder of A4 format. The viewing direction of the monitor shall roughly be the same direction as the one for the main mirror.

Brigade helps you to achieve R46

Such means shall not affect the linearity or the spectral characteristics of the instrument. Where possible the left foot shall be located approximately the same distance to the left of the centreplane of the 3-D H machine as the right foot is to the right. The displacement must be no greater than is eece necessary for the execution of the test; it must be limited in such a way that:.

Evaluation shall be made in the centre of the monitor e46 size, under consideration of the monitor design viewing direction see figure below. Design torso angle … 3. Exterior mirrors may be equipped with an additional aspherical part provided that the main mirror fulfils the requirements of the indirect field of vision. Consider that the modifications made are unlikely to have an appreciable adverse effect, and that in any case the vehicle still complies with the requirements; or Field of vision of Class VII mirrors.

Address es of assembly plant s: In which ways is a cell phone camera similar.

Regulation 49 – 06 series (click to expand)

If an indirect vision device of Class V is used to provide a part of the field of vision prescribed in Paragraphs All joints of the 3-D H machine should be checked for free movement without encountering noticeable friction. If the seats in the same row can be regarded as similar bench seat, e46 seats, etc. Would you like to keep them? L-category mirror Class VII. Date of test report: All Class VII mirrors shall be attached in such a way that they remain in a stable position under normal vehicle driving conditions.

Twitter Linked In Facebook Email. A model of information document is shown in Annex 1. Tilt the back pan forward to release the tension on the seat-back.

An adjustable thigh bar, attached to the seat pan, establishes the thigh centreline and serves as a baseline for the hip angle quadrant. The threshold is defined as the point at which the fraction correct crosses the 0.

Measure the time resolved luminance value of a portion of the monitor that displays a white patch of the chessboard chart. Co-ordinates of fiducial marks X … Ecr … Z … 3.

This normally means a minimum width of 30mm at some point.

Use a scene illumination of about lx. The centre of percussion of the ecr coincides with the centre of the sphere, which forms the hammer. The spirit level verifying the transverse orientation of the 3-D H machine is brought to the horizontal by readjustment of the seat pan if necessary, or by adjusting the leg and foot assemblies towards the rear.

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