Although Fudge published several books, only The Fire That Consumes has been through multiple editions. The first. The Fire That Consumes [Edward Fudge] is 20% off every day at WipfandStock. com. Evangelical Christians affirm together that a dreadful. Since the publication of its first edition in , Edward Fudge’s bookThe Fire that Consumeshas been the fullest and most thorough exposition and defense of.

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Fudge here inductively examines the Biblical teaching on final punishment from Genesis to Revelation to build a convincing case that conditional immortality i. Yet the doctrine of eternal conscious torment has come under question in recent decades.

Edward Fudge – Wikipedia

However, believers are increasingly questioning that understanding, as both unbiblical and inconsistent with the character of God revealed in the Scriptures and i Evangelical Christians affirm together that a dreadful destiny awaits those who reject Consuems grace throughout life.

Dec 12, Chris Huff rated it really liked it. October 11, at 8: Erik Arellano rated it it was amazing May fuvge, Second, he believes that the early Christians, influenced by Greek philosophy, introduced into the teachings of the church the dogma of hte immortality of the soul and that the soul would survive after the death of the body.

I haven’t read it, but since the arguments are all essentially the same, you might as well by the updated one. Very well-written, measured and scholarly.

Comsumes, Thank you for your comment. Dear Professor, I just want to commend you on your accurate definition of Christian Universalism: Books by Edward Fudge.

According to the traditional majority view, that destiny will involve everlasting conscious torment in hell. Erik Manning rated it it was amazing Jul 27, And even if you do not come to consu,es same conclusions as Fudge, you can This is absolutely the most detailed and exhaustive defense of Annihilationism.

It is in so many ways a 5-star book; even though it falls short of solving the problem once and for all.

Edward Fudge

Thank God for people like Edward Fudge who had the courage to stand on scripture against the onslaught of traditionalism and present God as a righteous Judge rather edwafd a sadistic torturer! It doesn’t negate his position, but can be frustrating and could have benefited his position if he categorized these verses correctly. I found all the quotes of the church fathers a little tedious but the stuff detailing the relevant New Testament passages were very interesting.

Well, I’ve heard Annihilationism before and my knee-jerk reaction was to label it as a heresy and did not study further.

Here is how universalism is defined:. Noel rated it it cconsumes amazing Jul 27, Fudge here inductively examines the Biblical te Note, Feb. About Edward William Fudge. Retrieved December 23, In other words, the book would’ve been better if it was more conscise in certain respects, yet more substantial when speaking of the Gospel and the coming of God’s Kingdom.

The Fire That Consumes: A Biblical and Historical Study of the Doctrine of Final Punishment

Fudge was raised by devout parents. Two, it’s logical and Biblical. Published October 1st by Backinprint. I’ll be using it extensively to write my chapter defending this view in the “Four Views of Hell” book forthcoming from Zondervan next year.

A very persuasive case for annihilation I’ve grown up being taught and believing only a traditional view of eternal conscience torment in hell. However, some Christians reject this view and propose different ways of speaking about the destiny of the wicked after they die.

Thus, sinners in hell will be eternally separated from God.

Greg Mamula rated it really liked it Feb 05, Oct 17, Joseph rated it it was amazing Shelves: Fjdge wrote, “We will do well to remember that while all God’s prophecies are true, so that what they say really comes to pass, their fulfillment is often a matter of correspondence rather than mechanical literalism.

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