Beyond the Light Barrier is the autobiographical story of Elizabeth Klarer, a South African woman and Akon, an astrophysicist from Meton, a planet of Proxima. 25 Dec I interviewed one Elizabeth Klarer, in March for my Just Jani Column. She describes the union in her book ‘Beyond the Light Barrier.’. 23 Feb BEYOND THE LIGHT BARRIER The autobiography of Elizabeth Klarer ELIZABETH KLARER

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Freedom is the very stuff of life, and without it one ceases to live. He could crash,” I said to the wind as the tiny craft disappeared into the murk of the English day.

There is continuous creation of energy and matter from the cloud of hydrogen gas in the nucleus as it spreads out in the galactic vortex, condensing into matter, with the cosmic rays touching off the existence of life from the divine reservoir of short-length energy. People on Earth are not alien. Our spaceships are created by converting pure energy into physical substance, and we do this in space.

The Autobiography of Elizabeth Klarer. Tulli Papyrus possibly 15th century B. We moved with the electric mirage as if we were hovering over the glorious countryside ourselves, with fantastic and complete mobility and unlimited vision.

Elizabeth Klarer

The Book of Lies. When we bring the giant mothership into Earth’s atmosphere, you will know that Akon is safely back.

Humankind of planet Earth is thereby a product of its environment. I thought of my family so far away on tue remote sphere, that ball floating in the trackless reaches of space. It is always alive and pulsating, shaped like a galaxy with a halo surrounding it and the shock wave glowing. En az 0 50 karakter. They were no match for their changing environment, and when the Sun burst forth in expansive lighy, engulfing your solar system in lethal radiations, they were destroyed over the entire land surface of the planet and in the swamps and shallow seas.

Suddenly, the magnificent picture faded away and nothing was left but the length of the sumptuous room again.

The Moon’s scarred and pitted face was the direct result of her star’s explosion. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Their village is said to be lighted by a mightier light than eilzabeth on this world. She also became a world-renowned meteorologist Cambridge-trained and internationally recognized expert on UFOs. Suddenly, I was struck by a volley of hailstones out of the sunlit sky.

The whole is a combination of cosmic forces—electric, magnetic, tempic and resonating. A deep blue sky reflected in the depths of the seas.

Beyond the Light Barrier: The Autobiography of Elizabeth Klarer | Light Technology Publishing

As an innovator in. It would take an astronaut from Earth four years to reach Alpha Centauri—that is, if he were able to travel with the speed of light as Earth scientists understand it. My soul was bdyond by his nearness and spellbound by his eyes, his gentle but compelling eyes. For as elizabeeth as man has lived in this world, from the days when he lived in a cave, he has searched for knowledge. Beside the gold tray was a casket, shimmering with the iridescence of mother-of-pearl.

Beyond the Light Barrier: The Autobiography of Elizabeth Klarer

Looking down at me with a gentle smile of rebuke, he brushed the hair from my cheek and kissed me. The Marine Parade in perfect detail. Klarer claimed that they witnessed a plummeting pocked-marked meteor which was intercepted by a silver disc bathed in a pearly luster.

It seems that everything is conveniently in harmonic connection with everything else, as the narrator so painfully often reminds us every third paragraph or so. I also express appreciation to Dr.

Where was she now, and where did she come from, and why was I so deeply affected by the thought of her? I can move from one planet to another, land if I wish, or travel to other solar systems. Perhaps they will discover that there is no restriction that causes the sonic boom if they can perfect an aircraft that pushes aside the molecules of air instead of allowing the molecules to pile up against the craft.

I also have a hard timing picturing her surroundings cause she hops from one place to the next way too often. The effect of it was light without shadows, and I saw no wiring or cables. My mother’s great gift of understanding was an everlasting joy to me, as in that moment the vibrations of time drew aside the nebulous mists of eternity and the womb of the future revealed itself to my questing soul.

Slamming the receiver down, I grabbed my raincoat and ran out into the icy squall. Two years later on April 7,Akon and Elizabeth became lovers. I felt little comfort from his reassuring words, however, as I watched the boiling, expanding gases of the convection region with widening eyes and a catch in my breath.

These heaven dwellers will return with the lightning bird whose scales glitter in many colors. This can occur while it is hovering or moving in the sky, whether the ship is visible through the cloud or in its invisible state.

Both were wearing the same type of plain uniform, designed for comfort and air circulation, made out of a very thin material and fitting like a second skin. Want to Read saving…. It was a longing to see the great spaceship again, hovering like a wraith in the depths of blue—mysterious, unattainable and remote from this warring planet.

The Secret Influence of the Moon. I felt sure that one day I would find this mysterious and exotic land—I never doubted its existence. They live on as planets, creating and harboring life on their surface.

Or perhaps from the empty coolness of a cloud drawing the golden chariot of Helios, as the white horses pranced across the aura of the Sun coming to Earth as a culmination of the Sun’s rays, where white is the great principle of light from the farthest spiral galaxy to the minutest micro-atoms within the atoms?

Elizabeth Klarer – Wikipedia

Where were the open skies of my beloved homeland, the fathomless depths of blue? I longed for the wide-open spaces of my homeland far away to the south, a beloved land where the east wind blows with the fresh clean tang of the sea across vast stretches of rolling grassland and the glory of the sky is open to the heavens.

This poor restless planet now harbors a race of humans confused and overcome by the forces of evil. Lightning rapped the top of e,izabeth head and ran through my hands into the control column. You must have courage.

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