Reefer Madness by Eric Schlosser – In Reefer Madness, the best-selling author of Fast Food Nation investigates America’s black market and its far-reaching. REEFER MADNESS: Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Labor in the American Black Market. Eric Schlosser, Author. Houghton Mifflin $23 (p) ISBN In Reefer Madness the best-selling author of Fast Food Nation turns his exacting .. In Reefer Madness, investigative journalist Eric Schlosser exposes three of.

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I stuck it out, however, and listened to the next section, which is about illegal immigrants.

Hashish to ashes

The other two were just as insightful and I agree with Schlosser on all points – that the black market is too large to be ignored, that marijuana should be decriminalized, that corporations need to be regulated and the market cannot be trusted to serve the best interests of humans. Either way this was a quite interesting read.

Anslinger is one of those forgotten figures from history who exerts a heavy and sinister influence long after his death. An Empire of the Obscene details the history of pornography in U. Set largely just minutes from where I happen to live, in Watsonville California, this essay examines the employment of illegal immigrants in California strawberry fields.

The first and eponymous essay concerns marijuana trafficking and the societal costs, the second is about migrant workers in the strawberry fields of California, and the closing essay is about the rise of the sex industry. This was a very compelling story weaved masterfully with a narrative of the history of pornography in America.

That may be a reasonable limitation, given that what the US does today the rest of the world often follows tomorrow the very fact of this book’s publication in Britain is a testament to that reality. Mar 22, Brian rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Schlosser raises some interesting points that are well supported by fact. The tone is never harsh or preachy: In the end of the book, Schlosser does give his opinion on what should be done RE: I grit my teeth and read on, but at the end I felt really guilty; I could have spent my time reading something else worthwhile about te same subject matter.

His father, Herbert Schlosser, a former Wall Street lawyer who turned to broadcasting later in his career, eventually became the President of NBC in Of the largest mail-order sex shop in America, the headquarters is ‘high-tech and impressive but surreal.

We have placed our faith in the laws of supply and demand. I don’t watch porn, and know very madnesz about the industry, so its history was completely unknown to me. I didn’t realize the extent to which obscenity laws curtailed pornographic or erotic images, and how much they fueled censorship and the war against contraception.

Reefer Madness: Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Labor in the American Black Market by Eric Schlosser

Although “An Empire of the Obscene” is something of an oddity pornography isn’t illegalthe preceding sections “Reefer Madness” and “In the Strawberty Fields” address subject alive and well in American politics today.

The title piece, for example, is an only slightly updated version of an article that first appeared in Atlantic Monthly almost a decade ago. We’ve come to the bottom of the barrel, and Schlosser’s kicked sfhlosser over so that we can look underneath. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover!

Schlosser touches a little on the absurdity of the drug war, a maeness that riles me up like few others do. And those who produce and distribute porn as people trying to make a living who are attacked by hypocritical politicians and conservative activists who want to draw attention away from their own moral failings.

In The Strawberry Fields: Eric Schlosser has done some great research and has presented enough facts and data to make strong conclusions on these topics.

You should be skeptical that he is cherry picking examples, and should be hesitant to generalize what he says. The inescapable reason why Mexicans are prepared to suffer life in Schlosswr is because, however bad the working conditions, they are better than those at home. The point being there is never an absence of food for thought. Anybody who has an Internet connection can download material that would make even Larry Flynt’s head spin – as Flynt himself tells Schlosser. View Full Version of PW.

Migrant workers as scglosser who are hoping for a better life who are caught in hypocracy of an American agricultural market that can only survive because of cheap, exploited labor although he identifies wchlosser few companies as treating their migrant workers well.

Reefer Madness: Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Labor in the American Black Market

What does the overwhelming consumption of porn in the US reveal about how out of touch mainstream thought and criticism regarding porn are from what many people feel about it privately? With intrepid reportage, rich history, and incisive argument, Schlosser illuminates the shadow economy and the culture that casts that shadow. Must redeem schlosssr 90 days.

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