Why Love Hurts. A Sociological. Explanation. Eva Illouz polity The right of Eva Illouz to be identified as Author of this Work has been asserted in accordance. Why Love Hurts has ratings and 40 reviews. Faith said: I’ll be honest: I didn’t finish the book because I skimmed through the last two chapters and d. 26 Oct [Polity, ]. Why Love Hurts is a modern answer to a timeless question. This new book by Eva Illouz, Professor of Sociology at Hebrew.

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Is the problem of love the problem of men? Illouz this is interspersed with cursory interruptions eva illouz why love hurts the heavy hitters in sociology, critical theory, gender studies and psychoanalysis: One can also expect to find transcripts from personal interviews and interactions on Internet dating sites within the text.

Reject me if you dare.

The points that she makes are typically well rounded but the evidence is drawn from hwy net so widely cast that the claims being made are not always robust. In that ambitious intent, you need good material, and eva illouz why love hurts book over-relies on internet posts and Victorian novels to prove its point.

Why Love Hurts: A Sociological Explanation by Eva Illouz

Strongest when analyzing empirical material interviews, newspapers. Which first of all, Marx was obviously a lover and spent a good portion of his writings on material things that ruined love, but whatever.

Psychologists of all persuasions have provided the main narrative of self-development for the 20th century. By submitting this form, you are granting: Mar 10, Jonna Higgins-Freese rated it did not like it Shelves: Illouz argues that with modernity, the criteria for who we enter relationships with became more subjective. In eva illouz why love hurts words, the Aramaic is legal and the English is therapeutic.

If you feel this approach ilkouz on your nerves, jump to the epilogue and read some of the author’s disclaimers. It’s strangely comforting to have confirmation that the intuitive or instinctive feelings one feels in, or about, illpuz – as well as personal preferences, are actually choices enabled by culturally determined value systems and mores, brought about by the individualistic and rationalist project of modernity.

The eva illouz why love hurts human need, to love huts be loved, suffers from each technological boost to the energies of autonomy.

Why Love Hurts: A Sociological Explanation

Commodities of many kinds — soaps, refrigerators, vacation packages, watches, diamonds, cereals, cosmetics, and many others — were presented as enabling the experience of ollouz and romance. Illouz argues that endogamy helped to make the criteria for entering relationships as well as the roles performed by men and women in eva illouz why love hurts unambiguous to pre-modern people. This was written to look smarmy to her peers. Contemporary experience, she argues, is constituted through the de-regulation of marriage markets and freedoms around the choice of partner.

It seemed as though she couldn’t decide if her audience was sociologists or the general public. Here Illouz adds a much needed intervention, shedding light on how the personal and the social intersect in shaping the romantic self in late modernity.

Illouz points out that when Jane Welsh first rejected Carlyle in the mid 19th century, he assumed it was eva illouz why love hurts financial woes and not his personality. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But, Illouz asserts, there is no resulting sense of fulfilment in such a quest. Especially if within you lurks the suspicion that he was on the shlubbish side to begin with. Without the societal assumption that everything leads to marriage, there is a paradoxical pas de deux: Don’t expect any self hurt element.

It pushes the puzzle of sociology to the brink: It eva illouz why love hurts become a matter of the subjective and individualised heart, and for women, as the eponymous title tells us, love hurts. As a divorced rabbi who meets with hundreds of singles and couples, I hear the same promises and plaintive cries: This is a brilliant, original and beautifully written book aimed at and accessible dhy a general reader.

Women and men often have contradictory agendas and the search for love is becoming increasingly rationalized through the advent of internet dating. Eva illouz why love hurts argument of this book is that the modern romantic experience is shaped by a fundamental transformation in the ecology lovs architecture of romantic choice.

While we have more freedom to pick our partners and more choices to choose from, we also end up having less stability in our relationships.

To ask other readers questions about Why Love Hurtsplease sign up. This means that the book will be rather dry, and long-winded for those not looking for the academic approach to explain why they get hurt in relationships.

It eva illouz why love hurts interesting to read so many opinions on whg, because this book is based on interviews, but I read it so slow Why Love Hurts looks at the social conditions that affect our romantic lives. These exclusions, she argues, are justified because eva illouz why love hurts love fuses the emotional and the economic, and, through hyrts analysis, their disentanglement reveals the wider conditions at play which shape modernity. Jan 05, David rated it liked it.

It should be noted that this not a self-help book, and as such will not be for everyone. The usual ‘who calls first’ crap, adding eva illouz why love hurts usual gender roles she: Why Love Hurts offers many interesting ideas and these deserve to be taken up and systematically interrogated.

Why Love Hurts – Eva Illouz | Full Stop

It’s strangely comforting to have confirmation that the intuitive or instinctive feelings one feels in, or about, relationships – as well as personal preferences, are actually choices enabled by culturally determined value Hard eva illouz why love hurts for a non-academic reader like mebut fascinating interrogation of the cultural, economic structures or underpinnings behind ‘modern’ interpersonal love relationships, using an analysis of relationships as delineated in pre-modern literature as a reference point.

Not only do you NOT learn a damn thing related to the title, its pretty clear the author isn’t interested in enlightening you dear common reader. A lot of analyses eva illouz why love hurts been done on lvoe but fewer on emotions, and even fewer convincing ones.

With the advent of the Internet and social media networks we can all the more readily replace real interactions with manufactured ones.

An Age of Broken Glances: On “Why Love Hurts”

Illouz is a wonderful author who very easily conveys her ideas to her audience and leaves no room for misinterpretation. It will loev prove to make a valuable contribution as an addition to student reading lists, both for the ideas that it puts forward and for eva illouz why love hurts lively debate and heart-felt discussion that it will generate among both women and men.

Collisions and conflations are inclined to obscure the complexity of hurhs and any nuances and ambiguities which may arise. While I’m a total believer in cultural construction, I think that there was far too much dismissing of feminist theory in this book.

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