gangsterism | New Straits Times: Authoritative source for Malaysia latest news on politics, business, sports, world and entertainment. 25 Jul A FEW days ago, a police station in Kedah was firebombed. According to news reports, it is believed to be gang members’ retaliation against a. P. Kalimuthu, born as Kalimuthu s/o Pakirisamy (January 22, – June 29, ) but more popularly known as Bentong Kali was a notorious Malaysian.

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Inhe began to terrorize again. With the cooperation from each member makaysia the country, there is a high possibility that this social illness will finally found its remedy. Police intelligence brought them to his hideout in a double story terraced house in Medan Damansara, Kuala Lumpur on 29 June Kalimuthu refused to take up the second opportunity given to him to repent returned to the criminal world soon after.

A commotion arose between his accomplices and the guests, and Kalimuthu killed some of the guests in the commotion. The teenagers are easily influenced by their friends.

So, they will do anything to fill in the emptiness they feel inside. Special forum on gangsterism and crime preventionsays Saravanan August 30, Allianz Malaysia gangaterism up with DoctorOnCall.

Gangsterisms are the social phenomenon which occurs widely among teenagers in our country.

Some are known to be even more notorious than their male counterparts. Not all gangsters are men. On the other hand, both Gangeterism and Chinese represent the similar number with people for each race to be detained.

On 12 Junehe attended a family function without being invited. Nina, 38, soon gained the confidence and friendship of other women gangsters as well as members of other gangs. I mean that they do not know where they are heading, whether in the academic or social sense.

Jokes aside, Ops Cantas Khas was created in to curb gangsterism and get rid of these kongsi gelap for good. It was reported that Kalimuthu was back to commit murder for the sake of killing, causing police to launch a special operation called ‘Ops Buncit’ in June to stop his violence.

Gang04 gangs kuala lumpur PDRM. He returned to wallow in the world of crime by joining the Chinese triad called ‘Gang 04’ in Bentong, Pahang.

P. Kalimuthu

Securemetric announces Q3 results. Bentong Kali and his accomplices fired towards the officers. One is Nina not her real name who has been a gangster for 20 mxlaysia now. Photo taken from bestfbkl.

Wait. Why are there so few Chinese gangsters in Malaysia these days?

With the rapid increase of this problem, gangsterisms can give a lot of negative impact towards individual, family, and society. For example, if a friend offer us a drug and if we have a firm standpoint, then we’ll kindly say no to the friend. Mugshot of Bentong Kali. Kalimuthu then disappeared gangdterism November Society also is one of the important elements to curb this matter.

As for parents, they need to give full attention to their children and guide them to the right path before things getting worst and difficult to handle.

Its deputy minister Datuk M. Saravanan said the recent revelation of gang-related serious crimes gangssterism shocked the nation.

Special forum on gangsterism and crime prevention , says Saravanan ⋆ The Malaysian Times

For the full story, read it on pages in the latest issue of Focusweek. The 49 societies includes Gang 04 and Gang 08 which boasts of 5, and 4,members respectively. The teenagers are too young and they have a strong instinct of wanting to try something new.

Johnson and Johnson stated that the researchers determined that the alarm about rampant violence in school is not justified, but concern about the frequency with which adolescents victimize each other is, even though the victimizations are more bothersome than injurious. Being imprisoned at this young age did not convince him to repent after his release at the age A head shot to Bentong Kali ended his life, putting an end to his notorious criminal career.

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