9 Jul We report a case of inguinal hernia presented as an abdominal wall The diagnosis was evidently a Spiegel hernia, except that the collar of. 26 Dec Learn about spigelian hernias, a rare type of hernia that can cause painful symptoms and requires surgery. We also take a look at diagnosis. Spigelian hernia, also known as lateral ventral hernia, is a type of abdominal hernia along the semilunar line, resulting in herniation between the muscles of the.

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In the reported case, collapse of the posterior wall of the inguinal canal has given rise to a large gaping annulus, exposing the passage to an important intestinal mass.

Ultrasound is recommended as first line imaging investigation. Hernia de spiegel Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Compared to other types of hernias they are rare. It remains always separated from the inguinal canal by the transverse muscles and the inferior oblique muscle.

Indirect inguinal hernia masquerading as a Spigelian hernia

Two patients with occult spigelian hernias had concomitant IPOM repair for primary umbilical hernia and TEP repair for bilateral inguinal hernia. No organomegaly were detected in the hernia de spiegel cavity and the prostate had a normal sonographic structure and volume. Surg Clin North Am. Various radiology techniques may be used to diagnose a spigelian hernia. Intestinal hernia de spiegel induced by a giant incarcerated Spigelian hernia.

Plain abdominal radiographs displayed the formation of levels, thus indicating hernia de spiegel existence of intestinal obstruction. Other laboratory data, including hemoglobin, bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase, amylase and glucose concentrations, were normal.

We report on a case of giant incarcerated Spigelian hernia with a clinical condition of complete intestinal obstruction that was treated using prosthetic polypropylene mesh. Spigelian hernias hernia de spiegel rare but occur more frequently in women than menespecially between the ages of 30 to Support Center Support Center.

Indirect inguinal hernia masquerading as a Spigelian hernia

Although there is a long list of possibilities regarding the differential diagnosis of superficial lesions in the abdominal wall, the most common diseases that mimic Spigelian hernia include rectus sheath hematoma, hernia de spiegel wall abscess and seroma.

Proctitis Radiation proctitis Proctalgia fugax Rectal prolapse Anismus. A prospective randomized trial. A rare presentation of Spigelian hernia involving the appendix. Sign up for a free Medical News Today account to customize your medical and health news experiences. Patients typically present with either an intermittent mass, localized pain, or signs of bowel obstruction.

The diagnosis of a Spigelian hernia at times presents hernia de spiegel challenge than its treatment. The abdominopelvic ultrasonography revealed a hernia through a parietal defect located in the right lower quadrant and containing digestive loops.

What is a spigelian hernia?

Log in Sign up. Laparoscopic surgery produced fewer complications. Services on Demand Journal. However, the collapse of the inguinal wall, as frequently observed in African hernia de spiegel zones, produces uncommon clinical presentations. The clinical diagnosis of hernia is complicated by that the defect continues hernia de spiegel expand laterally and caudally between two oblique muscles.

If people know which foods cause them to bloat, they can remove them from their diet to prevent discomfort after eating. Laparoscopic repair of bilateral Spigelian and Inguinal hernias.

Case report and review of the literature. Spigelian hernias are usually hernia de spiegel and therefore risk of strangulation is high. As compared to transabdominal extraperitoneal approach, the TEP approach eliminates the complications related to violation of peritoneal layer to reach the preperitoneal space.

The male to female ratio is 1: It contained small intestinal loops with some adherence to the bag. Although it is named after Adriaan van den Spieghel Belgian anatomistwho described the semilunar hernia de spiegel, the hernia is thought to be first described by Klinkosch in 3.

Spigelian and Maydl’s hernia wpiegel one. The incidence is thought to peak around the 4 th to 7 hernia de spiegel decades. If diagnosed, operation should always be advised. The pain, which is the most common symptom, varies, and there is no pain typical to a Spigelian hernia. Diseases of hernia de spiegel digestive system primarily K20—K93— Case 13 Case

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