12 Dec The Game is the story of how Neil Strauss got into the (then) budding community of pick up artists and transformed his life as a consequence. 9 Jan 1-Sentence-Summary: The Game is like a seat right next to Neil Strauss on his rollercoaster ride through the pickup community, where he gets. Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists – The Game by Neil Strauss.

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And how, thanks to Viagra, he could keep them all satisfied though his money probably satisfied them enough. For their honeymoon, they locked themselves in a bedroom in Paris with stacks of books and just read. And not just with women. The information needed to be rewritten and organized into a coherent how-to book, and he thought I uet the man to do it. As players, we stand at the gate of a new era: Striding up to a group of women, he held out his hands and asked, “What’s your first impression of these?

They were competing over me—an AFC. Sometimes a woman he was talking to was even moved to tears. The day my report on the workshop hit the Internet, I received an e-mail from someone in Encino nicknamed Grimble, who identified himself as a Ross Jeffries student.

The Game by Neil Strauss

In order to protect the identity of some women and members straues the community, spe, names and identifying characteristics of a small number of incidental characters in this book have been changed, and three minor characters are composites. Retrieved July 26, Ross let out a loud, victorious laugh. We met her and her boyfriend at a bar afterward. A friend taught it to me. Talking to guys online was not going to be enough to change a lifetime of failure. I performed the ESP routine, and fortunately she picked seven.


It’s like a computer program. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. I wore stylish jackets with bright shirts and accessorized as much as I could. After publishing the book, Strauss temporarily retired as a pickup artist and settled with a longtime girlfriend Lisa Leveridge, who played guitar in Courtney Love ‘s all-female band The Chelsea. As we took the limo to the Key Club, Mystery told us the first command- 26 ment of pickup: Picking up women, I realized, was a lot like stand-up comedy or any other performing art.

Finally, I had an opportunity to experiment with more advanced material.


I wanted to live up to Mystery and Sin’s faith in me. I typed the words into Google, and nearly a hundred thousand results came up. He was six foot five and hysterical. Suddenly, Mystery and Sin ended their huddle.

Guru, cult leader, and social gadfly, he commands an army sixty thousand horny men strong, including top government officials, intelligence officers, and cryptographers. Could I stick my chest out further?

The other tapes are from Kim and Tom”—Ross’s ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend. It doesn’t want it anymore.

I had a girl over here last week, and I gave her a whole new identity. At the end of the conversation, he said he was going to e-mail me the password to a secret online community called Mystery’s Lounge.

The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists

That hey Dustin’s gift, his power: Sin reached behind me, picked up my arm, and placed it on her shoulder. I went on the road with Marilyn Manson and Motley Crue to write books with them.

His mother was overburdened. Instead, he was stagnating at home. Fortunately, I have one of those qualities. I have indentations on either side of my forehead, which I like and believe add character to my face, though I’ve never actually been complimented on them. It will enable you to find all kinds of resources to accomplish and feel the things you want in life. Time to put what I’d learned to the test.

Mystery called me over and sfrauss in my ear.

And you can see how this can grow into a problem! By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Service. But as soon as you let go of the string and it drops right between the cat’s paws, it just looks at the string for a second and then walks away. He had the complexion of barley tea, though he was actually German. The layguide had an acronym for people like me:

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