The magic of money; translated from the German by Paul Erskine [Hjalmar Schacht] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hjalmar Schacht. Oldbourne, – Bibliographic information. QR code for The Magic of money. Title, The Magic of money. Author, Hjalmar Schacht. Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht (22 January – 3 June ) was a German economist, banker, centre-right politician, and co-founder in of the German Democratic Party. He served as the Currency Commissioner and President of the Reichsbank . Schacht, in his book The Magic of Money (), wrote that Montagu.

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The loans formerly easily obtainable from the Reichs- bank were no longer granted, and the Rentenmark could not be used abroad. In constantly repeated public exhortations I warned both the German borrowers and the foreign lenders against the clangers of this course, always without avail. Retrieved May 16, Karl Helfferich formerly Liberal, now Conservative, wanted to institute a currency bank which would be administered by Germany’s agricultural interests.

The Magic of Money – Hjalmar Schacht and how to defeat hyperinflation.

Gold was the most favoured of them and it has retained its rank as the best means of payment for thousands of years. There was no question of a solemn announcement of visitors, no question of waiting rooms and ante chambers.

Sakis Karafyllas marked it as to-read Oct 09, The German word expresses most succinctly the real significance of the means of payment: Within five years the German Reichsmark had sunk to one fivehundred- millionth of its value. Inon its fortieth anniversary, the Bank pub- lished a brochure which I had hmalmar depicting not only the rise of my bank, but also the entire economic progress of Schaxht as a whole.

Hjalmar Schacht has been portrayed by the following actors in film, television and theater productions; [31]. Thus from the very beginning of the modem banking system a close network of relationships and friendships between many private firms was essential.

The Medids used their riches magnanimously to further the arts mgaic culture. Of course, this only happened because to hjalmae day many of my measures have remained incomprehensible to a large number of people.

Maguc was the first time that the Reichsbank brought hoarded foreign exchange back into its coffers. The mortgage would take the form of annuity bonds and would constitute the security for the paper money to be issued.

A later example of the con- nection between money and foreign policy concerned me personally to a much greater degree than die Belgian-German failure. These proceedings exposed the government to extremely unpleasant public discussions, which led to an offer whereby all proceedings against me would be dropped if I agreed to forgo compensation for wrongful arrest. National Trust Places Exploring the issues, leading the debate. He who promulgates his views with the largest amount of propaganda has the greatest chance of making these views prevail.

In almost all cases such investments and loans result in orders for the home industry. However, when, during my third semester, which I spent in Munich, I attended lectures by Lujo Brentano, the most famous economist of his time, I knew I had found the subject which interested me most.

As a result of the Napoleonic wars and the English military and economic blockade, the Danish economy was brought nearly to a standstill, with its monetary system totally in ruins. Then in the Danish government introduced a currency reform whereby they created a money, the security for which was formed by the entire landed property of Denmark.

Only when these conditions are satisfied will the central bank be in a position to help, should a bank run into liquidity- or payments-difficulties because of changes in business activity or wrong decisions.

Everything had to be done to prevent any new in- flation in the future. Siemens was a practical political economist of the first rank, who had grasped the significance of the banking system in the development of the economy. Anyone who in raised a loan over five years and used it to buy land or other durable goods, or anyone who had long-standing debts, was able on die due date in to repay the nominal amount borrowed with a Mark worth only a fraction of the value of the goods bought with the borrowed money.

Full text of “Schacht Hjalmar The Magic Of Money nwo illuminati freemasons”

The banknotes issued were based not on the fluctuating value and price of rye, but on gold. In his youth my grandfather, then an assistant in a phar- macy inWeselburen, had been friendly with Friedrich Hebbel, who was then secretary to the head of the local board.

Able Prince mmagic it Mar 16, I was compelled to take legal action against the Senate, which justified its refusal by alleging that my business morality was found wanting. My accusers, who had not troubled to acquaint themselves with the full facts, were schacnt disappointed. The company prospered and is still in existence, operating on jhalmar much larger and highly profitable scale, while vast quantities of water continue to cascade down into the depths below the Victoria Falls, unharnessed as ever.

Refresh and try again. He who makes money also wishes to benefit from it: It must always be borne in mind when considering how monetary savings are to be employed. How nonsensical were the conceptions about these things which prevailed in certain provincial governments can be seen from the fact that towards the end of one German state planned in all seriousness to raise a foreign loan amounting to Reichsmark per head of population.

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The Magic of Money

The speculators, however, did not believe that the Reichsbank would be able hjalmaf hold this rate of exchange rate for any length of time, and bought dollar after dollar on time bargains at a much higher rate of exchange. Now I learnt about the factors which were part of my heritage and which had shaped hjal,ar nature too. The collapse of the Bank of Leipzig, a Saxonian institution, attracted attention and some criticism to the Bank of Dresden, which was also of Saxonian origin.

Its bases are irrefutable for just so long as money is available to maintain them intact. Germany did a great deal to catch up in the forty years of peace between hjlmar A people of poets and thinkers had become a people of explorers and inventors.

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