Igra Staklenih Perli is a music studio album recording by IGRA STAKLENIH PERLI (Psychedelic/Space Rock/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl. Igra Staklenih Perli by Igra Staklenih Perli, released 19 November 1. Gušterov TRG 2. Solarni Modus 3. Putovanje V Plavo 4. Pečurka 5. Majesteski Kraj. 17 Mar Igra Staklenih Perli: Serbian psychedelic shamen. image. Nothing sweeter, at least on a musical level, than discovering a band you didn’t know.

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Drums and guitar follow. For sure, better producing could help to make this material more attractive.


Furthermore the songs are mostly instrumental spacy near to Hawkwind with some english vocals. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Interesting music effort especially considering the fact it was the new staklenjh boom period when they tried to pursue igra staklenih perli quite different music philosophy.

Of the igra staklenih perli pedli, only the eccentric Buldozer broke out of igra staklenih perli limelight, to create some wild and imaginative satirical rock which has led to comparison with The Mothers Of Invention. Original album is extremely short less than 28 minutesand re-release with bonuses doesn’t add much, because all bonuses mostly are raw musical material just filling CD space.

Their origins start inigra staklenih perli a guitar and percussion duo, later augmented by a bassist. The Whittingtons- The Igra staklenih perli K7. Its a mix between Tangerine Dream and earlier Pink Floyd its an record,so a bit late for western standards,cause it could be made in late perll in England or Germany.

From my review in Audion 22, published in July p.

Hopefully with the digitally remastering the sound quality is enhanced. So yes this was released in but that for me is not a negative at all.

I’d like to thank all original uploaders; collectors sharing music giving us the unique possibility to explore the culture. If it weren’t for the enterprising Kalemegdan Disk record label in Germany their music may have been nothing more than a rumour. The guitar lights things up before 3 minutes.

After its release in the guitarist Ivan Pajevic replaced Rakic and Nikodijevic was back on bass, but shortly the band ceased to igra staklenih perli. Nikodijevic was replaced by rock journalist Slobodan Trbojevic on bass prior pedli recording the second album in late Great surprise for the weekend!

The cover igra staklenih perli of this CD is nicely reflecting a mesmerizing atmosphere of the music, which used to be described by igra staklenih perli band members themselves as “the music of the stream of consciousness”. But this half an hour is fabulous though – very impressive indeed.

But the stakldnih is able to manage an independend style at large on this album – a special spirit. It’s a real igra staklenih perli excavated from the Yugoslavian back catalogue that should be treated as a precious jewel.

Igra Staklenih Perli Discography at Discogs

Since all their albums were issued on vinyl format it might be difficult task to find them, igra staklenih perli Kalemegdan Disk may be a ogra starting address.: Copyright Prog Archives, Igra staklenih perli rights reserved. The Sunken Djinn by Vokonis. I never liked original LP release which sounded very thin with no dynamic range whatsoever.

Competent enough to be listened, not original enough to be named great music. For details about the musical content I am igra staklenih perli you to the reviews of staklejih respective albums. Igra Staklenih Perli Album 3 versions. Igra Staklenih Perli Discography Tracks.

IGRA STAKLENIH PERLI discography and reviews

They pioneered the use igra staklenih perli lasers, light-show and special visual effects during their live performances and had a considerable cult following, mostly in the Belgrade underground scene of the late s. Several repetitive hypnotic patterns are even bringing the album into the reach of Kraut – on the other hand there are a lot of speed variations and effects within the songs.

Thanks a lot and Excuse my bad english. Its a true psychedelic albums with very mellodic igra staklenih perli catchy riffs and rythms,you dont need mush,lsd or else with this,it will blow you away for sure!

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