13 Aug AM-FM radio amplifiers; Portable tape player amplifiers; Intercoms; TV sound systems; Line drivers; Ultrasonic drivers; Small servo drivers. Browse through a total of 9 LM Circuits and projects. In this intercom schematic, the 8 ohm speakers is used as microphone and listening speaker. LM In this intercom schematic, the 8 ohm speakers is used as Intercom circuit diagram. intercom . This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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A capacitor C5 of 0. ITS working fine, but the Kind of waves it producing as output as not sinusoidal wave. LM is a low voltage audio amplifier and frequently used in battery powered music devices like radios, guitars, toys etc.

Intercom circuit using lm386

Please enter your name here. Easy steps for making a line following robot using Infrared LED, Can you Give me the Reason Why!!! If a higher dynamic range is needed, the power supply should be 9V or even 12V. This circuit can also be used in many applications like portable music players, intercoms, radio amplifiers, TV sound systems, Ultrasonic drivers etc.

Building a circuit on a breadboard November 8, You have entered an incorrect email address!

Intercom Circuit Using LM IC | Circuit Diagram

Gain can be adjusted to any value between 20 to by using proper capacitor. How to change possitive supply to negative supply. To make the project more attractive you can use long wires to increase the distance between the set-1 and set-2 microphone and speaker. It is inexpensive, low power operated and only need few components to work.

Friday, November 9, Do I afix a audio 3. As both units are identical, working of only the first unit is described here. This circuit is based on LM IC to amplify sound.

LM electronic intercom circuit

It can be left open or can be grounded using a capacitor for stability. What type of potentiometer that you use? Project Image is also following the Circuit diagram.

Pin 4 and 6: We just need a 3. Is there any programming for arduino in this project. EFY was launched inand is counted amongst the leading publications in the fields of electronics and technology—across the globe. Log into your account.

In this case the loudspeaker must be replaced by a crystal earphone, what changes must I make in the circuit? As Ger said above, R1 should suing 10 ohms.

When you speak in front of the microphone MIC1the low-level signal is amplified by the amplifier built around transistor T1. The complete circuit diagram of this Intercom Project is given below.

Intercom Using LM386

You can use two 0. If you want other than line-of-sight then it would need to be RF.

How to use a relay November 15, Review of PCBWay after-sale service. We have used 10uF capacitor C1 to get the highest gain i. Resistor R12 should have a minimal value.

But from what you mentioned in the list, there are 5 capacitors used. Adjustable Linear Constant-Current Control:

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