And now, as Meghan and her long awaited Prince Ash celebrate their new found union, the prophecy begins to stir. Find out the deepest secrets of Julie Kagawa. Meghan Chase used to be an ordinary girluntil she discovered that she is really a faery princess. After escaping from the clutches of the deadly Iron Fey, Me. Read “Iron’s Prophecy” by Julie Kagawa with Rakuten Kobo. Julie Kagawa’s bestselling series The Iron Fey captivated the imagination—and hearts—of readers.

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Oct 28, Irena rated it really liked it. Eventually Meghan receives the prophecy and decides wahwah th So yet another short story in the world of the Iron Fey. I don’t know what to do, It is going to be ok, itz gonna be ok; To Ash, Kierran, Ethan a Check out my blogs for more reviews and book stuff: It reminded me of our first dance together, my first Elysium, when I’d seen the cold, dangerous son of Queen Mab up close for the first time and was completely lost.

I honestly just wanted to stomp my feet like an irate child and demand for more.

Iron’s Prophecy

Fate My Blood Approves, 2. Enter your HarperCollins account username and password. Though I must say I’m not going to spill a whole lot of details because I’m not going to ruin anything, but it’s a perfect lead in to the Lost Prince. We will see him again!

Format Paperback eBookePub edition. Takes a lot of time and energy pgophecy declare one. There’s really no Happily Ever After without a dark twist. No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks!

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I will definitely miss Ash. If he felt strongly about something, she basically dismissed it and was like “I’m the Iron Queen.

Aug 19, Amanda rated it it was amazing. Yes No Thanks for your feedback! The Iron Fey 4. These are your people, so that makes them mine as well, but my first and only duty is to you. Although, I dont like seeing Ash so submissive. I was questioning why it felt like she was treating Ash like one of her subjects. I started to cry when she just wrote the note to the readers. Please provide their e-mail address. Jul 01, Booknut rated it it was amazing Shelves: But seriously, I was wanting a happy moment for them and was really disappointed by the way it went down.

Ash more than fills the role of the oh-so-swoon-worthy yet deadly prince. A Thousand Beginnings and Endings.

Dear Julie, Thank you. He actually made his own decisions and did what he wanted to do, not what he was told to do. Yes, I am talking to you as a mortal myself!

But I propecy the Iron Queen, and you are in my way. View all 28 comments. I understand that it is setting up plot lines for the next trio of books but ugh, it was really a non-event. My I have nothing but love for this series.

I’m all about powerful females, but please, PLEASE don’t emasculate the male to make the female seem even more powerful. Julir was another frustration of mine. I won’t spoil what it is, though I think I saw the prophecy at least three times on other reviews and it might be on the synopsis, but it involves Meghan’s pregnancy About Product Details Reviews Before she knew she might become Iron Queen Meghan Chase was warned by the oracle that her firstborn child would bring nothing but grief.

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