: Manual of English Grammar and Composition: Book is in fair condition. Obviously an old book that has had some wear and tear to the cover. English Grammar Series [Edited] by J.C. Nesfield. Front Cover Review – Flag as inappropriate. This series of book is just a ocean of knowledge of grammar. Manual of English Grammar and Composition. Front Cover. J. C. Nesfield. Macmillan, – pages John Collinson Nesfield No preview available –

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He wrote numerous books, of which his works on grammar were particularly influential. Latest updates on grammar and language usage make it handier for both high school and eng,ish examinations.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is an excellent reference book for grammar and composition for snglish students and teachers of English language.

Usually delivered in days? Flipkart Customer Certified Buyer 8 Aug, According vrammar Nesfield, society there was less governed by ideas of caste j c nesfield english grammar on varna and instead was more open and fluid. Past and Present that “it is not quite easy to see how its wordiness, lack of clear structure, mixture of synchronic description and diachronic explanation and often unclear definitions gave the book the immense impact it had”.

He argued that social ranking was a matter of purity j c nesfield english grammar blood, with the communities of pure Aryan and pure aboriginal stock at top and bottom respectively.

Nesfield denied any general difference between so-called Aryan and aboriginal blood, arguing that Aryan blood had been mixed with the indigenous by the nedfield the caste system evolved. Risley, on the other hand, maintained j c nesfield english grammar the primary distinction was one of race.

In fact, it works as a compendium of Eng grammar. Some additions to the text has made it more relevant. Issues of promotion were not the only thing about which Nesfield complained during his time in India. Raushan Kumar Certified Buyer j c nesfield english grammar Jul, I have covered all the parts of this book in detail, which is why yrammar has gathered so much fame worldwide.

John Nesfield

Nesfield died in Anu Mathew Certified Buyer 12 Feb, Anthropologist Ellen Bal notes that. Highgate School Register 4th ed. In his role as a DPI he took on responsibility for administration and policy-making, grmmar than being purely a teacher.

J C Nesfield. It was later expanded to appeal to students in Britain as well, from young men preparing for various professional examinations to students in “Ladies’ Colleges”. The author has been heap praised by people globally. He eventually did achieve the promotion when White retired in August There had been investigations regarding whether many of the English and vernacular textbooks prescribed for use in schools of the North-Western Provinces had j c nesfield english grammar contrived so as to provide him with a monopoly on publication.

A must buy for those who want to hone their skills in English. It has been 10 years when I got this book on my birthday as present when I was in 8th standardevery teacher used to recommend this book as reference grammar book. Oxford English Grammar 1st Edition 3.

Book is useful when the key is provided. Tribes, which he considered to be kin-based groups that dominated small j c nesfield english grammar, were the dominant feature of rural life. Safe and Secure Payments.

Manual of English Grammar and Composition

It was eventually agreed that he grammarr acted under the instructions of White, had done so at his own risk, and was providing a much-needed service. Flipkart Customer Certified Buyer 18 Mar, A must for yester years is quite relevant today.

Past and Present was originally written for the market in colonial India. Like Denzil Ibbetsonan administrator of the British RajNesfield believed that the society of the North-Western Provinces in British India did not permit the rigid imposition of an administratively-defined caste construct as Herbert Hope Risley advocated.

John Nesfield – Wikipedia

John Nesfield was born in and was the son of a cleric from WiltshireEngland. He joined the inspectorate there in the following year and in was passed over for promotion englisj become the province’s DPI when, as was not uncommon, the government determined to prefer Edmund White, who was a member of j c nesfield english grammar Indian Civil Serviceto an educator.

Those who are preparing for competitive examinations ought to keep this. Flipkart is undoubtedly the best online store. I feel this is a must in every person’s rack. Excellent, j c nesfield english grammar helpful engpish for learning English grammar.

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