ABSTRACT. Background: The dengue and chikungunya epidemics have major challenging problems and have become essentially a public health importance. The Chikungunya virus was isolated from mosquitoes and found to be identical to the AV circulating human strain. This is the first field study. Mosquitoes transmit numerous arboviruses including dengue and chikungunya virus (CHIKV). Chikungunya is a re-emerging arthropod-borne.

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Post-epidemic Chikungunya disease on Reunion Island: CHIKV is considered a neglected tropical disease, because it circulates within these subtropical and tropical regions, juenal the potential to affect more than 1 billion people, and many at-risk people live in poverty stricken regions [ 5 ]. The J Infect Dis. Ambiguities in the pathogenesis of CHIKV-associated joint disease and the potential continued or permanent damage that may occur during acute infection make proper classification of chronic CHIKV-associated joint disease difficult.

Persistent viremias are not apparent during the chronic stage of disease [ 3041 ]. Neutralizing antibodies have also been attempted as treatment modalities in mouse models.

Recently, CHIKV-induced disease was named a nationally notifiable condition in the United States, because of a severe ongoing outbreak in the western hemisphere [ 6 ]. Please review our privacy policy. Unfortunately, most of these studies do not specifically correlate cytokine profiles with joint manifestations, though Rulli et al.

Chikungunya also can often caused outbreak in Asia, including Indonesia.

Majalah Kedokteran Nusantara (Journal of Medical School)

Specific management of post-chikungunya rheumatic disorders: Data regarding natural human infections and viral tropisms and persistence is limited, though viral persistence in tissues is considered to be a potential mechanism of chronic disease.

This jurna has been cited by other articles in PMC. The outbreak initially began in October of and has since spread throughout the western hemisphere, affecting 45 countries and territories and causing approximately 1.

Ali Ou Alla S.

Manifestasi Klinis Infeksi Virus Chikungunya Pada Kejadian Luar Biasa Di Indonesia

Juranl Indonesia KLB adolescent adolescents anemia behavior case control evaluasi health promotion hipertensi hospital hypertension knowledge leptospirosis physical activity quality of life remaja risk factors smoking stunting tuberculosis. If received prior to infection, viremia and virus levels in ankles were decreased to below the level of detection, however, when administered after infection, though viremia decreased, there were no effects on the levels of viral RNA in the inoculated foot [ 4 ].

The most joint pain symptom reported is wristand knee joints Email this article Login required. Infection often results in severe fever, rash and debilitating polyarthralgia lasting weeks to months. Most rely on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDswhose efficacy can be quite variable, and resolution of acute arthralgia can occur with or without their use [ 2738 ].

It is essential that thorough clinical workups of patients during acute stages be performed to evaluate for jutnal disease. Blood chemistry results are often normal throughout the disease course, though increased liver enzymes including ALT and AST have been reported [ 925 ].

Medicine Baltimore ; 86 3: Active infection of human blood monocytes by Chikungunya virus triggers an innate immune response. Additionally, some of these chikunfunya as dengue, Zika, and CHIKV are currently co-circulating in the western hemisphere [ 39 ], thus care should be taken to definitively identify the cause in any case with this presentation.

Manifestasi Klinis Infeksi Virus Chikungunya Pada Kejadian Luar Biasa Di Indonesia – Neliti

Acute Chikungunya and persistent musculoskeletal pain following the Indian epidemic: The potential mechanisms associated with chronic CHIKV-associated joint disease are unknown, and no animal model currently replicates this aspect of disease. Article Tools Print this article. In the past, some vaccines have been tested in humans, and while antibody responses had shown promise, these were not without adverse reactions [ 12 ].

While there is an association between initial CHIKV infection and chronic disease, a causal relationship has not been established at this time. While both of these vaccines show promise, more trials are necessary before the overall safety and efficacies can be determined.

Chikungunyashowedmore onthe malesex, and the productive age group Rheumatology Oxford ; 39 7: However, none of these are consistent findings in patients with acute or chronic CHIKV-associated arthralgia. Arthralgia associated with CHIKV infection is often considered to be the result of tenosynovitis and enthesopathy [ 93741 ] and can be associated with paresthesia of the overlying skin [ 24 ].

Chikungunya fever in Canada: MRI has also demonstrated significant bilateral periosteal inflammation, carpal edema, and synovitis, which might not have been apparent on radiographs [ 41 ]. Chikungunya Virus, final data for the United States. Support Center Support Center. Assessment of the extent of the acute lesions such as joint effusion, synovitis, tendinitis, enthesopathy or bone marrow edema may make it possible to identify people with more severe disease, potentially aiding in the choice of treatment strategies for those at greater risk for developing chronic or relapsing disease.

Spatial-temporal clustering was observed on both diseases demonstrating variation jirnal local infection pattern. A mouse model for Chikungunya: Protection from arthritis and myositis in a mouse model of acute chikungunya virus disease by bindarit, an inhibitor of monocyte chemotactic protein-1 synthesis.

In most cases of CHIKV infection, patients develop symmetric oligo or polyarthralgia within minutes to days following the initial onset of fever [ 91840 jjurnal. Similarly, while some studies have reported an increased risk of severe disease in women [ 931 ], others have demonstrated no significant difference associated with gender [ 3032 ].

Because of the similarities between chikungubya CHIKV-associated arthralgia and RA, some disease modifying antirheumatic drugs DMARDs such as methotrexate, sulfasalazine, leflunomide and hydroxychloroquine have been utilized [ 40 ].

This study was use ecological study approach which uses integrated GIS, remote sensing and statistic technique. In fact, this disease manifestation is so common in CHIKV-induced disease, it has been reported that the presence of concurrent high fever and arthralgia has a specificity of

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