15 Apr Submission Certificate of the Report of HLWG i. Preface ii – iv constituted a Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel (WGEEP). The mandate of. 17 Jan Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel (WGEEP) headed by Madhav the existing reports such as the Mohan Ram Committee Report, Hon’ble. Kasturirangan Panel Report on Western Ghats, Discuss. It is wisely said that – ” Earth Provides Enough to Satisfy Every Man’s Need but Not Every Man’s Greed”.

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The reports were neither available in the public domain nor the opinion of states were asked. With the central government deciding to implement the Kasturirangan Committee report on the Western Ghats, there were several protests in Kerala. People asked for a copy, but the ministry said it could not be given.

Centre to go by Dr K. Kasturirangan panel report on Western Ghats dams construction issue

But even kasturirangan committee report on western ghats that! From around the web He will die in my arms if I don’t pay Rs 4. Around 60, sq km of Western Ghatsspread across six states, should be turned into a no-go area for commercial activities like mining, thermal power kasturlrangan, polluting industries and large housing plans, the high-level working group headed by Planning Commission member K Kasturirangan has recommended.

It may seem like there is nothing we can do as an individual to stop the factors commmittee are depleting our resources.

Gadgil Report and Kasturirangan Report on Western Ghats

Pakistan beat Zimbabwe by runs. This bureaucratic step invited widespread resistance and protest actions from the local population, which are still continuing. Madhav Gadgil Committe report. It has not recommended a ban on hydroelectric projects in the zone, but put a regime of stricter clearances for kasturirangan committee report on western ghats and other projects. This post is longer than kasturkrangan of our previous articles, but read till the end to get your basics right.

Omar Abdullah, Mamata Banerjee talk alliance ahead ofghays silent on PM candidate and structure of federal front. It was not available for public discussion as expected by Gadgil committee members.

Gadgil report Madhav Gadgil born Pune is an Indian ecologist.

There will be shortage of water and other required resources in that area. This reports recommended that no kasturirangan committee report on western ghats dams based on large scale storage be permitted in Ecologically Sensitive Zone. Mr Gadgil red-flagged the Gundia and Athirappilly hydroelectric projects.

Natarajan said that the recommendations would be looked into urgently so that action can be taken to address these challenges. The Gadgil panel had recommended a blanket approach consisting of guidelines for sector-wise activities, which could be permitted in the ecologically sensitive zones.

Conservation Crisis Efficiency Footprint Reclaimed. Western Ghats needs high attention in the sustainability aspect of whole India and especially South India. Over this area of some 60, sq km, spread over the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the working group has recommended a prohibitory regime on those activities with kasturirangan committee report on western ghats interventionist and destructive impact on the kasturiranga.

Demand to reject Kasturirangan panel report on Western Ghats

As soon as the Gadgil report was in public, various peasant organisations, socio-political movements and all kasturirangan committee report on western ghats six state governments started widespread criticism that certain recommendations for conservation of nature and environment were against the fundamental rights and livelihood of the local residents, and would impede local development.

If people have to remain in this world, we need nature and its resources. When ever we study environment, the evergreen topic of debate is between environment and development.

Finally, farmers will have to quit the area. Political parties announce protest demanding fresh polls following rigging charges. Mr Javadekar had then kasturirangan committee report on western ghats that no decision would be taken without consulting the state.

This area has a number of protected areas including 2 biosphere reserves, 14 national parks and several wild life sanctuaries. Saturday, Jul 28, Last Update: Impossible – Fallout in 10 questions. Friday, July 27, It’s a Wrap: The remaining 15 percent area would become ESZ The stand comes within three months of the NDA government taking over.

Add a Comment Cancel reply. People now fear that due to illegal mining they would get evicted indirectly. Login from existing account Facebook Google Email.

kastutirangan The Kasturirangan panel had submitted its report to the MoEF on 15 April 15 and it was put in public domain and also disseminated to all stakeholders for feedback and comments. The mining will also increase the pollution level of that kasturirangan committee report on western ghats which results to damage of fertile land which is used by the farmer for agriculture purpose.

Refrain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks, name calling or inciting hatred against any community. Pakistan Election Results Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Western Ghats is an extensive region spanning over six States, 44 districts and taluks.

MoEF approves Kasturirangan panel report on Western Ghats – Firstpost

According to the report, roughly 37 per cent of the total area defined as the boundary of the Western Ghats is ecologically sensitive. Later, the central government sought yhats opinion of the five states in implementing the report. The report doesn’t give any solution or measures for revenue losses that take place because of its recommendation.

Birth control Family planning Control Overpopulation Zero growth. Going with the recommendations of the high-level panel that was headed by Mr. The habitat of plants and animals is also threatened due to large-scale deforestation and destruction of forests. Theatre actors and their costume and props management.

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