Aces Up. Lauren Barnholdt, Delacorte, $ trade paper (p) ISBN Enter Cole, leader of Aces Up, a clandestine ring of college-age. Aces Up by Lauren Barnholdt – book cover, description, publication history. Barnholdt keeps her characters nicely varied and believable, and she doesn’t shrink from portraying the consequences her likable main.

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When I found out that Lauren Barnholdt had an upcoming YA novel about a love triangle mixed in with a bit of poker, I knew it was going to be right up my alley. Sometimes, I forget that Shannon is just seventeen-years-old because her character’sin tension between thinking like an adult or a kid.

She’s so fun to read and entertaining especially when she does this serious conversation with herself in her head. I felt like she juggled both relationships backwards. Luckily for her, she got brains and began to use them.

ACES UP by Lauren Barnholdt | Kirkus Reviews

Me gusta el que se laurne el valor barnhldt la amistad; porque asi como amistades nacieron de este lio otras se reforzaron: But you need to keep a pad near you in case you need to take special orders. I think I was expecting something cutesy and fluffy and something closer to what the cover feels to me when I look at it, but instead the tone felt scandalous more then anything.

She flips her long blonde hair over her shoulder. I swallowed this book down in one gulp. It’s a huge thing for her, she’s been working so hard for this for such a long time.

Her characters are always shallow and nondescript. I like Lauren Bardholdt, I really do, but I did not like this book, not even a little bit. A flimsy, totally stretchable piece of fabric that will not budge over my hips, but still. Ah, who knew I would fall in love with Aces Up?

Nov 11, Zoe and the Edge rated it liked it Shelves: This was very cute! Her relationship with her sister Robyn I loved; they were in the same boat yet do completely different things to resolve the issue but they’re there for each other always.

So the book is about a girl names Shannon who lies about her age to work in a casino to get money for batnholdt. One hundred percent hanging.

Feb 24, Smorrow98 rated barnholet did not like it. Everyone I know constantly visits me at work, what gives? View all 4 comments. I think this was just me, any fan of Barnholdts still should enjoy this one.

Of course, Cole is one to watch out for. No trivia or quizzes yet.

In Aces UpShannon Card receives an early admittance into Wellesley University, but she must come up with her tuition money seeing as her dad has lost his job. And despite all the illegal stuff she did, she managed to get out okay.

I give the dress a good yank, and it creeps up a little further over my hips. What a great read that fans of YA and Lauren Barnholdt will feel is an absolute hit.

Shannon was so real; I could really understand her, why she does what she does, not to mention it’s really batnholdt not to love her.

Aces up Book Review All barrnholdt all not one of my favs of Barnholdt. I’ve heard of Lauren Barnholdt’s other books but Aces Up is the first of hers that I’ve actually read. I read this book all in one day actually! Doubting the man at first, her dire circumstances on finance left her with no choice but to join the gang, Aces Up. She’s 17 and she’s just been accepted for early admission into Wellesley College.

So, a fun read, benefiting from lowered expectations. And since they have somehow decided to give me a size two uniform, then really, they should be the ones apologizing to me. Though the whole being-amazing-and-winning-tons-of-money blackjack was kind of hard to truly believe, Barnholdt made it up with the lovable characters and cute story.

Feb 26, Moon Love rated it liked it.

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