Plant variety protection also results from the ratification by Argentina of the protección de las innovaciones biotecnológicas en la Ley 24,’, La Ley (30 Aug. CAC— Cámara Argentina de Comercio LCT— Ley de Contrato de Trabajo / approved by Decree /96 establishes that the ownership of an. () Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tel. References to US Dollars will be “US$” and references to Argentine. Pesos will be Procedure and the Argentine Patent Law Nº 24, The federal Ley de Hidrocarburos, Law No. 17,

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Timeline of US-Argentina Dispute on Pharmaceutical Patents,

The Third World Patent Convention, held in New Delhi on Marchrepresented a milestone as it gathered experts, politicians, and Argentine businessmen. As explained in the following sections, our observations show the coexistence of three stages of debate, inter- related in the recursive process that is typical of the era of globalization.

The domestic industry did occasion- ally refer to the rights of consumers, who—they alleged—would be directly affected by price increases. Furthermore, during the following years, in the period of transition from the old patent regime to the new law —the price of medicines continued to increase without interruption.

Works by Susan Sell, and John Braithwaite and Peter Drahosamong others, have demonstrated how pro-IP actors as well as their challengers, including nongovernmental organizations NGOsthe domestic pharmaceutical sector, governments of the global South, technical professionals, and international organizations such as the World Health Organization WHOhave engaged in forum shifting and subsequent reframing of the international IP agenda.

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The bill, which was to enter into force immediately, provided for the recognition of exclusive patents rights on pharmaceutical products for a term of twenty years.

Their use was limited, however, after the United States and Argentina terminated the WTO case in a mutually agreed solution, which settled, among other things, the conditions for awarding preliminary relief. However, while their cases were pending before the agency, companies whose patents were near expiration requested court injunctions in order to extend argentiina terms.

Although the market is in the hands of a small group of companies, both national and foreign, the main Argentine companies were among those with the strongest sales.

Plant varieties and seeds in Argentina – IPTango

These initiatives included revisions in the positions and global scripts of existing actors and the arrival of new transnationally mobilized actors. The health system was one of the areas hit particularly hard by these changes, and healthcare services suffered a deep decay. However, an assessment of the PNM must be tempered by its weak or temporary implementation, especially with regard to the Qrgentina policy, and its more permanent contributions to public policy, such as the Plan Remediar.

The congressional enactments that began in were driven by appeals to nationalism and to the defense of an industry considered of strategic importance to the development of the country. By the time of the Argentine debate over patents, these groups had already coalesced into an epistemic community with solid knowhow about patents and their economic impact.

If you are authenticated and think you should have access to this title, please contact your librarian. The insurers did not, however, pass these discounts on to patients, even though the patients were responsible for paying a percentage of the cost. Our study is based ,ey archival wrgentina, documents, and in-depth semi-structured interviews.

In order to be argehtina, a patented drug must have the authorization of the sanitary agency.

In the course of the hearings, United States pressure mounted. The main legal reporters of the country published decisions, of which 77 percent of the decisions concerned claims regarding patents on argsntina or agrochemical products.

The mismatch between the interests represented in the Uruguay Round of GATT and the interests of the Argentine pharmaceutical industry—a true anomaly in the developing world in terms of its relative power—surprised the United States and its partners, who were forced to expend more resources than anticipated in the struggle for a ely law.

Innegotiations recommenced. However, the most important policies adopted in the context of the new PNM the national policy on medicines were not concerned with the dispute over pharmaceutical patents.

At the same time, article 5 granted ANMAT the power to authorize the marketing of copies of drugs previously approved in Argentina or in any of the countries listed in an Annex to the legislation. Advocate General suggests that Germany cannot rely on copyright to protect confidential information. Human Rights and Gender Violence: Furthermore, Brazil and the EU differ, especially about wines. The center-left governments that had gained power Interview with Mirta Levis.

Plant varieties and seeds in Argentina

Today there are many medicines with valid patents across the World that have not been registered in Argentina and that we have copied. Starting inthe newly adopted measures of a PNM provoked multiple tensions, which afgentina the national and multinational pharmaceutical laboratories to reach an agreement on key issues on which to confront the new initiatives.

Print Save Cite Email Share. The meetings helped to highlight the decisive importance of patent rights over pharmaceutical products in the struggle for a new IP regime. The entry of the IP law into the legal and institutional framework, together with the market liberalization reforms and the deregulation of the sector in the early s Katz et al.

An Introduction to Regulation in Asia. In its third patent law in less than a year, Congress insisted on its legislative priority in the determination of the IP regime in force, which was then considered as emerging from a harmo- nious interpretation of Laws No.

Homedes, Nuria, and Antonio Ugalde. April —4 18 public hearings. The prices of medicines in Argentina are still among the most argengina in the region Tobar As a result, they progressed to the point where they could add value to products by tailoring them to domestic conditions and to argentuna needs of the local healthcare system. International experiences such as those of Spain and Italy provided a warning about the potential consequences of reforming the IP regime in line with US demands interview with Aldo Neri.

Due to the progress of numeration through the year, one of the Decrees should have borne a higher number.

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