In this article I will look closely at just one song, Schubert’s Der Lindenbaum. Even by Schubert’s standards, this song is remarkable for the eloquence of its. Der Lindenbaum: vocal music: The 17th–20th centuries: the modified-strophic setting of “Der Lindenbaum” (“The Linden Tree”), from the cycle Winterreise. Winterreise (Winter Journey) is a song cycle for voice and piano by Franz Schubert a setting of . “Der Lindenbaum” (“The Linden Tree”): The tree, a reminder of happier days, seems to call him, promising rest. But he turns away, into the cold.

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This is significant because the key has now changed from major to minor and it places this motivic idea in a different context. Adelwold und Lindenbuam D.

Der Lindenbaum | Oxford Lieder

As the A section begins, the tonic is also emphasized, although in a different manner. These have all been restored in Mandyczewski ‘s edition the widely available Dover score and are offered as alternative readings in Fischer-Dieskau ‘s revision of Max Friedlaender ‘s edition for Peters. Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.

This foreshadows the dark tone of the text and recalls the context of Winterreise: An die Geliebte D. Die Mutter Erde D. In der Mitternacht D. The C major chord can be understood as an upper neighbour to the B major chord. The solo piano sections of ” Der Lindenbaum ” are integral to the piece, supplying the structure to the text and vocal line. Das Lied vom Reifen D. The musical purpose for this rustling is to move from e to the octave below and ascend to an a.

Editor Eusebius Mandyczewski — Schubert has created a problem: This feature remains constant throughout the piece; whenever there is the triplet rhythm, the interval is a sixth.

Etwas langsam C minor Letzte Hoffnung. Drei Sonnen sah ich am Himmel stehn Lied aus der Ferne D.

Winterreise – Wikipedia

The man travels alone through the deepest and darkest night, and as he passes the linden tree he must close his eyes because of the memories. Pensa, che questo istante D.

Toward the end of the interlude that separates oindenbaum A and A’ section, there is a c-sharp-b neighbour -tone in the left hand m. The following table names the keys used in different editions. Lob des Tokayers D. Du bist die Ruh D.


Der Lindenbaum

Nicht zu langsam F minor Erstarrung. Der gute Hirt D. The triplet figure that recurs throughout the piece can be heard as leaves rustling through the oscillation of the interval of a sixth. Auf dem Wasser zu singen D. An mein Klavier D. This is one of Schubert’s great contributions to Lieder. Free Public Domain Linrenbaum Music”. The Piano and Dark Keys: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

An den Tod D. The transition from the B section to the A’ section showing the prolongation of a. Blondel zu Marien D.

Major keys are shown with upper case letters, and minor keys with lower case letters. Daphne am Bach D.

Here too, the focus rests on the a as the high point sxhubert this motion. Freude der Kinderjahre D. How Gramophone followed this winter’s journey”.

Retrieved 14 July The only time it appears altered in the voice is in the B section, where it emerges as the same notes in the left hand as well as in the voice.

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