9 Jul Writing in the “Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways,” Gartner analysts Peter Firstbrook and Brian Lowans note that, “Buyers should. Secure email gateways (SEGs) provide basic message transfer agent functions; for this report, the SEG revenue from the Magic Quadrant vendors in Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways. Published: 2 July Analyst(s): Peter Firstbrook, Brian Lowans. The secure email gateway market is mature.

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Vendors must have at least 2, direct not via OEM enterprise customers in production for their email security boundary products. Inclusion in this quadrant does not reflect negatively on the vendors’ value in the more narrowly focused market they service.

Gatedays year, we anticipated a slight increase in because of a recovering economy. It has also branched out to the SWG quadraht. It has not significantly expanded its market share in the enterprise SEG market in recent years and customer satisfaction is lower than average, Gartner says.

Trustwave also offers a cloud solution that is branded and sold by service providers and channel partners. The SEG market is a mature market. Magic quadrant for secure email gateways 2013 organizations that is, 5, to 20, seats don’t see significant advantages or economies of scale, and remain concerned about confidentiality. It has not been aggressive in releasing new product features and the on-premises gateway is the not the most polished solution for very large enterprises. Proofpoint’s flagship email security solution Proofpoint Enterprise is available as a hosted service; as on-premises appliances, virtual VMware appliances and software; or as a hybrid combination of these versions.

Magic quadrant for secure email gateways 2013 solution must provide email virus scanning via its own or a third-party antivirus engine.

The dedicated focus on email is a weakness as well as a strength. McAfee, which is a subsidiary of Intel, has a broad range of endpoint and network security products. The solution must offer the ability to scan outbound email according to a set of basic vendor-supplied dictionaries and common identifiers for example, SSN, credit card, magic quadrant for secure email gateways 2013 account and routing numbers.

This Magic Quadrant is not intended to be an exhaustive analysis of every vendor in this market, but rather a focused analysis of gatewayx that are most interesting to the majority of our clients. Overall viability was given a heavy weighting, magic quadrant for secure email gateways 2013 this is a mature and saturated market. Basic encryption methods are easily supported as is the secure transfer of large files.

Proofpoint is a leader! Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways, 2014

However, buyer demand for these services from their same vendor is mixed, magoc purchase decisions rarely coincide. All administration will now be performed gatewxys the Google Apps management interface, making Google a particularly good choice for organizations considering future enterprise Gmail and other Google SaaS offerings.

Phishing magic quadrant for secure email gateways 2013 continue to oscillate, while more targeted phishing attacks increase.

Form factors are also differentiators, with interest and deployment of virtual solutions and SaaS solutions continuing. Proofpoint is a very good candidate for organizations looking for a full range of best-of-breed SEG functionality in supported geographies.

Gartner MQ Leaders for Secure Email Gateways: Cisco, McAfee, Microsoft, Proofpoint, Symantec

Overall viability was considered, not only in terms of the overall company revenue, channel reach, management team and resources of the vendor, but also in terms of the importance of the email security unit at each company. Cisco offers four email security solutions: Fortinet is magic quadrant for secure email gateways 2013 public company with a broad emaol magic quadrant for secure email gateways 2013 presence that offers a broad array of UTM and dedicated appliances for all organization sizes.

Read more about us or learn how to advertise here. So what are the criteria for inclusion? It is in the process of helping customers migrate to quaddant providers. Its Active Directory Rights Management services have been added for end-to-end email services with a hosted equivalent on the Azure cloud.

Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways. They also must be able to demonstrate comprehensive email security that gives them a high market share coupled with high customer satisfaction. Their ability to outperform or be innovative may be affected by this narrow focus.

Challengers execute well, but they have a less defined view of market direction. Gartner says it expects improvement, however, when it embraces a cloud-first agile development model.

Enterprise buyers should consider FPE primarily as an additional layer of antivirus protection for the Exchange message store and magic quadrant for secure email gateways 2013 internal federated Exchange filtering, rather than as a stand-alone SEG solution.

It is a default choice for organizations considering Microsoft’s Exchange Online or the Office suite. Barracuda Networks is a private California-based company that focuses on producing a range of economical, easy-to-use appliances hardware and virtual and SaaS solutions aimed squarely at cost-conscious small or midsize businesses SMBsas well as educational and government institutions.

Leading vendors in this market are expanding their offerings vertically into adjacent markets such as mailbox hosting, hosted archiving, e-discovery and continuity gatewayss and horizontally into SWG see “Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateway” solutions linked by common DLP and management.

Niche Players focus on a particular segment of the client base, as defined by characteristics such as a specific geographic delivery capability or dedication to a more limited product set. It only offers hosted mail in one of the 7 geographies it magic quadrant for secure email gateways 2013 a data center in. Several customers also reported the need for improved incident reporting.

Evaluation Criteria Ability to Execute Vertical positioning on the Ability to Execute axis was determined by evaluating the following factors: While it continues magic quadrant for secure email gateways 2013 define best-of-breed functionality in a mature market, for many customers this can just be overkill.

Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways

It was dropped this year, because it has withdrawn from the stand-alone SEG market and has migrated its remaining customers in this market to a version of enterprise Gmail, all of who will continue to benefit from SEG services, but this time integrated into the email application itself. Multifunction firewalls are compelling for the SMB and branch office markets. Clearswift has an established presence in the email protection market primarily in the U.

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