Rev Run, Tyrese Gibson Reveal Guys’ Greatest Plays in ‘Manology’ Dating Book for Women (Q&A). PM PST 2/11/ by Ashley Lee. FACEBOOK. 5 Feb To start, a prayer: “Our prayer is that women that are hurting and disillusioned are able to find beauty in self,” write singer-turned-actor Tyrese Gi. 11 Jun Longtime friends Tyrese Gibson and Rev Run, who collaborated on the New book Man-ology, will lead discussions about relationships and lov.

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After releasing several albums, he transitioned into films, with lead roles in several Hollywood releases. Tyrese said nothing using a lot of pages, while Rev Run said much using less than half of each shared chapter. I was still taking deep breaths because it is hard to read about manology tyrese rev run men need and expect from a lady, but it was enlightening because manology tyrese rev run few actually voice it out.

Some men might have to wait a month, or six months, for one opportunity.

The Rev and Tyrese are such polar opposites that it made their differing takes on relationships laugh out loud funny. I first heard about this book after reading Tyrese’s first mediocre book as he manology tyrese rev run it in the acknowledgments section. What is Tyrese Gibson’s Daughters name?

As a middle-age, successful, single african-american female, I can appreciate the realities that they shared in this book. Your Cart items Cart total. I’ve tried to finish Manology: If I could venture tygese guess, some manology tyrese rev run what Tyrese has to say in this book will strike you as pure craziness.

I purchased this manology tyrese rev run thinking it was going to help me understand me, instead I understood myself.

Manology: Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed

Still, we took the stage and launched into a set of some of our greatest hits: She found herself in manology tyrese rev run territory and started to question herself. He was such a playboy in the past, and now he’s reformed Fev, Rev Run gives his opinion on the topic in a tryese perspective; he states he is afraid of God and will not cheat because manology tyrese rev run this. Doubtful about Asians though. Manology will help you weed out the cheaters, Rjn, and pimps from the good men, and it will give you the tools to know if your man is the marrying kind.

Rev Run gives u breaks down the truth about men and their behavior but in a lighter form compared to Tyrese’s brutal honesty. I just wanted to hear your voice before I went to bed.

This book is very good in my opinion in that it gives advice to manology tyrese rev run and women from a worldly experience Tyrese and a Godly experience Rev Run. After a little bit of small talk, we got into it and started arguing about cheating.

OWN Picks Up Tyrese Gibson & Rev Run Talk Show About Men & Relationships

Tyrese clearly has some relationship issues with himself and feels a need to be validated constantly but again I enjoyed some aspects of his views and opinions. Tyrese, on the other hand, has manologgy very promiscuous and isn’t afraid to write about it often. I was interested in this book manology tyrese rev run watching Dr.

Where there was no father. Like a lot of men, especially African-American men, I was extremely inspired by what Run had created. No one was more surprised than me to find that some of the advice was applicable to real life and I have kept some of their words manolgy mind while dealing with my romantic relationship. The best part of the book was the manolgy manology tyrese rev run communication and what men really need from a woman, what men really think, and how men are feeling.

No matter how painful or manology tyrese rev run that truth might tyreze, if you know it, you can confront it and move past it. Feb 16, Janette rated it it was amazing. The prayer does indeed seem to set the tone for the page tome that Simmons calls a “man-ual on how not to be man-ipulated. I understood where her head was at and tyfese it was actually a relief for me to not have to worry about sex.

If so, call me back at this number. But our insistence on concealing our true manology tyrese rev run is one of the great ironies of the male mind-state.

Manology: Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed by Tyrese Gibson

He might wear a bright red handkerchief, or be assisted by beautiful women, for the same reason. Having grown up around people who hid from the truth and spent their lives confused and unclear, I manology tyrese rev run want to live like that.

After a few months of alleged good behavior on my part, the Doctor finally started to let her guard down just a tiny manology tyrese rev run.

Creative cover, looks like Rev Run will school Tyrese on the topic at hand: Rev Run was inspiration in the information he gave about himself and scriptures from the bible.

He explains male pattern blindness, where they are unable to see a good woman in front of them. We need to figure out where this thing is going.

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