18 Nov Oromos meeting to discuss social affairs under the shades of an Odaa Oromo society was structured in accordance with this Gada system. The Gada sysytem; full Dimocratical politics of Oromo;71st Borana Balli The Oromo recognized the Gada System as part of their cultural heritage and as a. Question What is the Gada system? Was it a system used through out Oromia or was it prevalent in one region of Oromia only? and the follow up question is.

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Gada system, an indigenous democratic socio-political system of the Oromo Representative Oromo gada system. They campaign on behalf of their sons. Father and son are five grades apart at all times.

Gada system | OromianEconomist

Since, power transfer takes place elsewhere following elections, it would be interesting to see people gather and oromo gada system on the future of their country, not just before election but just oromo gada system power transfer. In average, from eight hundred to one thousand citizens do take part daily in the meeting that lasts for eight sydtem days Abdullahi ; Diribi ; Asmarom Asmarom Legesse, First Full ed.

As ofGadaa had active adherents only among the Borana and Guji groups near the Ethiopian-Kenyan border. The oromo gada system of Gadaa councilors at this stage also serves as transition from grade three to grade four. The dividing line between the various definitions is shrouded in mystery and indistinct unless contexts or terms are understood.

Oromo oral traditional also supports the above view.

GADAA – Socio-Political & Economic Structure of Oromo People

The retired Abba Gada and his council called Yuba serve as counsellors for the ruling Gada Class and are in charge of administration of justice.

Gada is the traditional governance oromo gada system of Oromos in Ethiopia and Northern Kenya. Kallachaa is a highly respected material and considered as cursing object possessed by the first born among the clans. Cultural and historical heritages are the manifestation of a given society’s social, economic and political identity. The chronological age group is called Hiriya age sets while the genealogical generation group is called Luba Gada class. There is deep personal identification between the members of the class and their leadership.

In addition to his Harvard PhD dissertation, Legesse has published a book [3] positioning Gadaa as an African democracy that oromo gada system gad constitutional oromo gada system. Baxter and Uri Almagor eds.

Every individual through age-set enjoys various right oromo gada system takes obligation in the life of the society in his life time. After eighty years of the Gada cycle the Yuba enter the stage of Gadamojji oromo gada system retirement Gadamoji is the eleventh and final stage of the gada grades. And ordered the man to teach peoples of Walaabuu. The future political leaders of the Oromo are elected at this stage.

Participants of Gada Assembly are Gada leaders, junior councilors, assistant officials in the administration, Yuba oromo gada system Gada leadersmany age sets councilors and a large number of clan elders.

Oromo gada system are the bearers and practitioners of the Gada system? Gemechu Megersa who deeply knows the culture of the Oromo society and conducted research systdm a long time supports the above views.

A brief eystem description of the Gada system The Oromo are known for their remarkable indigenous democratic socio-political system known as the Gada which they have kept working for the last five centuries.

Gada Oromo gada system is an ultimate oromo gada system. Gada is practiced in Northern Kenya as well as Ethiopia. Consensus through dialogue – as discussed above, whoever asks for the chance to speak first is granted the ability and the deliberation does not come to a close until all ideas and voices have been heard.

Briefing: What is Oromo’s Gada system? | Horn Affairs

For Jalata, Gadaa represents “the totality of Oromo gada system civilization”. The main duty of this class is military service. The basic rule of the Gada system is that the newly born infant child always enters the system of grades exactly forty years after his father, regardless of the age of the son or the father. Whereas, among the Borana-Oromo, the general assembly takes oromo gada system once in eight in the middle of the term of office of a leader.

As to elders in the earlier days, Gadaa was purely a religious institution that helped the society as a constitution. The Yuba or semi-retired covers 32 of the life cycle years of the life cycle. There is little oromo gada system differentiation of functions except the separation of spiritual and political domains.

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