51 quotes from Ramakrishna: ‘It is necessary to pray to Him, with a longing Heart.’ , ‘He is born tags: quotes, quotes-of-ramakrishna, ramakrishna-paramhansa. Quote n° Ramakrishna, (–), saint, Hinduism. Source: Added by Unidentified .. Paramhansa Yogananda · Patanjali · Ramakrishna. Ramakrishna, His Life and Sayings, by F. Max Müller, at Only the Paramahamsa (the great soul–here is a pun on the word ‘hamsa,’ which.

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Here are ramakrisnna few other inspirational words uttered by the revered mystic. Is the world such a small thing? He alone can say what else He is.

Ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in two kinds of people can attain self-knowledge: God laughs again when two brothers divide their land with a string, saying to each other, ‘This side is mine and that side is yours. Pray to God that your attachment to such transitory things as wealth, name, and creature comforts may become less un less every day.

So is the faithful devotee. He dwells in the body like the plug of a syringe, i. A man sitting under the shade of the Kalpa-vriksha wishing-tree wished to be a king, and in an instant he was a king. Similarly, whosoever utters the name of the Deity voluntarily or involuntarily finds immortality in the end. The Man who works for quotrs, without any selfish motive, really does good to himself.

First you must be made free from all sense of self; ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in the Divine Mother will give you a task to do. ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in

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The loadstone rock under the sea attracts the ship sailing over it, draws out all its iron nails, separates its planks, and sinks the vessel into the deep. Quoges prefers a doll to all riches and ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in.

A s with one gold various ornaments are made, having different forms and names, so one God is worshipped in different countries and ages, and has different forms and names.

Ramakrishna, Mahendra Nath Gupta That is as good as worshipping God. So God is one, but is worshipped in different ages and climes under different names and aspects. None ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in the immensity of the sacrifice which the Godhead maketh when it becomes incarnate or becomes flesh.

God laughs raamkrishna two occasions. A perfect man is like a lotus-leaf in the water or like a mud-fish in the marsh.

The predatory arthropod was struggling to cross the river and stay afloat but the current made it impossible. A s one and the same material, viz.

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Thus man, in his state of ignorance, performs all sorts of worldly works, but no sooner does he see the Almighty, than he finds no longer any relish in them. The iron, once converted into gold by the touch of the Philosopher’s stone, may be kept under the ground, or thrown into a rubbish-heap, but it remains always ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in, and will never return ramajrishna its former condition.

Whenever you find any leisure, call eagerly upon your God, pray to Him earnestly, and tell Him all your sorrows. First realise God, see Him by means of spiritual discipline. Once suotes holy man, while passing ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in a crowded street, accidentally trod upon the toe of a wicked person. Man is like a pillow-case.

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So when a person dies in a state of ignorance, he is born again; but when he becomes well baked in the fire of true knowledge and dies a perfect man, he is not born again. As the same sugar is ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in into various figures of birds and beasts, so one sweet Mother Divine is worshipped in various climes and ages under various names and forms.

But if you once see the Divine Mother entering in, you will not find pleasure any more in wealth, honour, and fame. Ornaments cannot be made of pure gold. When, however, you convert the milk into butter, it no longer mixes with water, but floats over it. God is one, but His aspects are different: Because the child is more free with its mother, and consequently she is dearer to the child than any one else. But let only a cow enter, and all the other cows will make friends with her by mutual licking of bodies.

While a bell is being rung, the repeated ding-dongs can be distinguished one from the other, but ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in we stop ringing, then an undistinguishable sound only remains audible. The Siddha only saves himself with much toil ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in trouble.

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