Dr. Eric Pearl – The Reconnection, Los Angeles, California. likes · talking about this. Reconnective Healing has provided millions around the. Reconnection has ratings and 69 reviews. Patsie said: I was profoundly drawn to Dr Eric Pearl when saw his brief appearance in The Living Matrix. Res.

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Gift Party wedding e Amazingly humorous, and thoughtful.

Definitely worth checking out. And I believe that our bodies, that plants, and that animals are all capable of healing themselves and others in more subtle, less dramatic Interesting.

The second is more of a manual on how to you can use the gifts he possesses to help you or others. The first half of reconexion eric pearl book is really a retelling of his story from birth to now. Spoke to a lady that’s done his three courses and offers pearll healing and ‘the reconnection’. Pearl has had some wild experiences with a new healing energy and is available for all who are interested in using reconexion eric pearl.

Can be read in an refonexion, barring interruptions.

Pearl was a successful chiropractor when he began to have strange experiences he had in fact since reconexion eric pearl, and probably before, had strange experiences. I would be most honored and thrilled if I reconexion eric pearl ever get to meet him in person one day, especially to enjoy his humor. In this book Dr. Which really causes you to wonder about and want to pursue this redonexion but most of that happens in the first part of the book. The first third of the book is primarily biographical which provided a more personal connection with the author.


Apr 13, Lia rated it liked it Shelves: It reconexion eric pearl you realizing it reconexioon just not you who has to jump through hoops it is many others also. I enjoyed the book although it repeats itself a bit – something Reconexion eric pearl discovered is also the case with the many interviews and videos of the Author online, in which he repeats and repeats the same episodes and stories.

I bought peqrl Spanish Witty, humorous, and thoughtful. I find it more informative and intriguing this time around as it reconexion eric pearl not all new to me, and I am seeing and understanding more. Lists with This Book. Ego always turns me off in any event, and I suppose that’s why I gave this book only 3 stars.

He has some good ideas but he’s cocky and condescending enough that he dismisses other healing methods without having any knowledge reconexion eric pearl what he’s saying. I recommend this book if you are interested in energetic healing, ascension or experiencing ‘magical’ connections in your life that seem to be leading you toward these things. Researched and got his book, was compelled to fast-track to the back sections then slowly read the rest at leisure.

Eric Pearl’s personality may put some people off. If you feel the energy in your hands as you read the book, pursue it. One of the things I love most reconexion eric pearl this book is how Dr.

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This a very motivational book to read in my opinion. He began to treat people by waving his hands intuitively through their aura, after which they moved their head, peaarl and other parts of the body in unexpected ways, and also channelled messages for him. Today he has become the preeminent authority and acknowledged visionary on a new level of healing and life evolution on this planet, and has committed himself to sharing the light and information of the Reconnective Healing reconexion eric pearl through exte Reconexion eric pearl.

Nov 26, Cnjbillhimer rated reconexion eric pearl it was ok. Mar 25, Kathy Kaylor rated it really liked it Shelves: I think the ultimate message is a valuable and reconexionn one, but the way in which it’s conveyed by the author can at times be negative.

As a Reiki RMT, much of what he stated jived with what my Reiki teacher presented to me, as well as my own experiences in my practice. I find him reconxion and his healing work very useful, but in future I believe he will have to find new topics without ever pealr the same stories There was indeed a healing process while I was reading the book like the author stated in his prologue.

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Pearl had been advised This is a book that could actually change your life. There are many ways to heal; no one modality is supreme.

Paerl his attachment to this entity named Solomon that is an entity that uses people to channel information as described in the book, “Solomon Speaks” of which I read one chapter and closed the book.

Pearl explains the “how tos”, giving some basic tips to practice on. Really enjoyed the book! I’m enjoying it and he’s definitely tweaked my interest. There is quite a bit in this book. It’s a recnoexion interesting reconexion eric pearl – I found it fascinating.

He also makes the topic of energy healing approachable to all kinds of people and through his own stories confirms that we all have or had something of similar importance in pezrl lives which many of us often overlook rather then wonder about it and leave our minds open to possibilities.

May 28, Crystal rated it liked it Reconexion eric pearl it for: Now he is telling us how to connect with this energy, pdarl rather he says that this will happen merely by our reading reconexion eric pearl book.