Status, Plans available. Produced, present. Number built, Unit cost. US$ (completed aircraft) Plans: US$ The Wood Sky Pup is an American single-seat, high wing, cantilever, single engine. Sky Pup. Ultralight – Wood and foam construction. Sky Pup Kit/Plans: Sky Pup Reeder Mesa Road Whitewater, CO Website: . Skypup ultralight aircraft plans, Skypup experimental, amateur built and light sport aircraft plans.

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The Electric Skypup

The ultralights of choice those days as you know were mostly rag and tube and most people looked at the Pup with amusement and commented, you’re not really going to fly that thing are you? Don Handley or Martinsville, IL reported he has the right wing ready for cover, left wing hasD-cell, aft ribs and trailing edge. The colors are blue and yellow. Did you happen to see the picture of my Pup and article in Kitplanes magazine? The blue and silver covering was achieved with light aircraft fabric and finishes, and should last a long time.

I believe this was caused by the washer vibrating with the rubber washer. Retrieved 13 January The dark grey skies matched my feelings as I motored around the area, the little Cuyuna humming along.

The Pup crashed through a line of trees and sheared off both skyppup near the attachment points. I finally climbed out telling myself that all things must come to an end sjypup when we don’t like them to.

Ideas for trailers have been reported previously in issues no. Archived from the original on 11 January Kingko which was available from Wicks can no longer be obtained.

We got it unloaded and bolted on the wings as I was anxious to do some taxiing up and down the grass strip. It even has hot springs for taking bath on flying outings! Bolts, fittings, and hardware which could be reused were saved. I breathed a sigh of relief as I spotted them ahead and above me. He ppans learned this was not due plnas lack of fuel but rather he forgot to reduce the throttle before attempting the restart.

The primary cause is assumed to b the gear drive and prop hub which block air flow to the cylinder when mounted in the up plwns. So great, we have a thrust required for level flight at a speed of….

Wood Sky Pup – Wikipedia

The only parts wearing out were the tailwheel and the elevator horns on the control stick wore the holes out of round. On the morning of August 16,the unnamed Sky Pup builder and pilot was returning from a 45 minute flight in overcast but calm conditions when he ran into a rain shower. The prop was scuffed but not damaged and there was no apparent damage to my beloved Sky Pup.

Several builders have reported difficulty location latex contact cement for gluing on the fabric cover. Cracks will eventually occur at sharp bends or welds if vibration persists.

Wood Sky Pup

Thanks again Todd for showing us how to build a really good one! Empty weight is planw. Unfortunately, the landing gear broke while taxiing after a number of takeoffs and landings were made. The whole thing looked like something out of Indiana Jones” as the Pup came down the river on the rowboat.

Reports his Sky Pup shown at right is completed and ready to fly. Howard Fortner of Houston, TX called to say that he had a forced landing due to a fuel flow problem strictly pilot error. I towed my Pup down to the ”flight Farm” in Monterey, N.

We had landed on the only shallow spot around. This is planw a jet powered airplane, which achieves best endurance when thrust is minimized.

It gets much attention at the shows. When closed, the door is secured by akypup small Velcro tape. Apparently, a ground adjustable prop had been installed with the wrong pitch. Andre writes that since Kitplanes magazine published the picture of his Sky Pup in the September issue, he has received 27 letters from readers asking for information. Unfortunately the Rotax factory has never done this work and few of us have the time, equipment, or knowledge.

In earlyI began construction of a Kolb Firestar and as it neared completion around August, began to get a funny queasy feeling in my stomach realizing that my Sky Pup days were numbered. We got a few startled looks as we passed through town on our way to the strip. The only problem has been a forced landing and a broken landing gear. The Sky Pup can be built with an open cockpit or fully enclosed, allowing flying in cooler weather.

He answered each of them and sent technical information, copies of magazine articles, and information about the Sky Pup newsletter. Update from Andre St. I found my adjustable pitch prop was to blame.

Finally, the new prop came in and I was back taxiing up and down the strip. The aircraft fuselage and wings are constructed from epoxy -glued Douglas firwith foam wing ribs all xkypup in doped fabric or Dacron. Prior to flying his Pup, sjypup took instruction i a 2-seat Drifter.

We gently lifted the Pup onto the boat, setting it onto cushions, and proceeded to float it back down the river. He has now replaced the tarp over conduit framework with plywood sides and foil coated Styrofoam roof.

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