Mende Nazer (born c. ) is a UK-resident, Sudanese author and human rights activist. Nazer was a slave in Sudan and in London for eight years. She later co-wrote the book Slave: My True Story. “Thousands of other child-slaves have suffered a similar fate. Normally, Mende’s story never would have come to light. But seven years after she was seized and. 27 Apr Mende Nazer lost her childhood at age twelve, when she was sold into slavery. It all began one horrific night in , when Arab raiders swept.

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She gives a vivid description of her community and her slave my true story by mende nazer as an adored and coddled child of a loving family. This is a story we all should read I don’t think we can pretend like its sttory happening any more. Oct 13, Mocha Girl rated it liked it Shelves: Both he and Mende dedicate their time and resources supporting human rights organizations and government assemblies.

Sep 19, Mj rated it it was amazing Shelves: These two minor gripes shouldn’t deter you from reading an unbelievable story of a resilient young woman. Discover what to read next.

Slave: My True Story by Mende Nazer

Mende Nazer ; Salve Lewis Publisher: Biography, Juvenile audience Document Type: Mende NazerDamien Lewis. But she manages to deliver in a way that we can all comprehend.

View all 7 comments. Jan 12, Gary rated it it was amazing.

She had no rights, no slave my true story by mende nazer, and no life of her own. One of those supporters, Damien Lewis, is the co-author of the novel. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

As the book progresses the years role slave my true story by mende nazer and we get to follow her from Khartoum and then on to London where she was given to her owners sister as a gift. She slept in a shed and ate the family leftovers like a dog. There she was physically, mentally, and emotionally abused continuously for eight years serving as housemaid, car detailer, laundress, cook, seamstress, and hour nursemaid; never receiving a vacation or any other compensation.

Her childhood is interrupted around 12 years of age as the Nuba tribe does not record birth dates when she was abducted and raped in a violent Arab raid on her village and sold into domestic slavery in Khartoum. After three months, with the help of a fellow Sudanese, she managed to escape.

This book was very painful to read at times.

Mende Nazer

This is a book is a testimony to a young woman’s outstanding courage and unconquerable spirit. The village she lived in was pillaged, men murdered, women bazer and the children were first raped and then sold into slavery.

This comes to an abrubt and violent end when the village is attacked and burned by Arab rai Something about the dignity and courage of Mende Nazar as she recounts her appalling story grabs hold of your heart, allowing you to read on when it is almost unbearable.

Nazer, only in her mid-twenties, has spent slave my true story by mende nazer than half her life enslaved – held captive against her will by her own countrymen.

Her resourcefulness and compassion are evident especially towards the end of her enslavement, when she postpones her break for freedom so as not to compromise anyone connected with her who might suffer repurcussions. Most of us think of slavery as something in the past. Lists with This Book.

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Mende Nazer – Wikipedia

In some ways I found it strange that in a book so full of heartache it would begin with tales of such joy and happiness.

It touches on slave my true story by mende nazer unbelievable rituals and horrendous violations that continue till this day. Aug 02, sam sam blank rated it it was amazing. Overall, this book was beautifully written. My True Story, Mende Nazer’s spirit echoes that of Sojourner Truth’s during her journey from slave to freedom fighter. I often find myself drawn to women’s issues books. Mende’s story – from a peaceful childhood surrounded by family and friends, to being torn away and forced to live the life of a slave, someone who barely deserves a name according to her “master”it’s all so hard to believe that this is what is happening in these modern times!

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