Tascam DM Digital Mixer with MU Meter bridge and 1 Year Free Tascam DM channel Digital Mixing Console without Meterbridge. 12 Jun I just found a TASCAM DM with both meter bridge and firewire card . You can get a 02R96 or DM for a real cheap price these days. Find great deals for TASCAM Dm 48 CH 24 BUSS Digital Mixing Console DM EXH. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Here is the way I would use the board: My main complaint is that the screens go wiggy but can be replaced with a part order from Tascam. The Tascam is honestly 5x more versatile. Makes mixing a lot easier. The Midas desk only has 8 faders to control the daw, you can’t use all of them. Originally Posted by rulez Hit the forum if you have questions and RTFM from start to finish like twice! So check the screen!!!

TASCAM Dm 48 CH 24 BUSS Digital Mixing Console DM EXH | eBay

Mic pres are average but will not ruin your music. It has been majorly discountet in my local shop and it seems like a very very nice console. However there is a great active forum and these desks are totally solid. Tascam DM – is it still worth it? These mixers have an amazing clean sound. I understand that the latest drivers are from so they are pretty old.

Nice, big control surface with all types of routing and a lot of effects, preamps, moving faders, etc. I’m looking for something fairly long tzscam, also the tascam would eat up my entire desk pretty much. I’m very much interested in feedback about its sound quality as I dont want to loose on that part.

TASCAM – A whole world of recording

That’s why you can find them for so cheap. I often will use the outboard as much as I can when tracking. Tascam drivers are a non issue.

Subscribe to our Newsletter. Also maybe run the tracks from cubase through the tascam for mixing than record it back as the premaster. Click here to login. Today’s Posts support us FAQ advertise our advertisers.

My old Tascam FW works with win 10 and was two models before the DM so if you’re on windows, I doubt it would be a problem. Already have an account? Last edited by Salty James; 21st June at Welcome to the Gearslutz Pro Audio Community!

Not one bad knob or fader! New Reply Thread Tools.

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I have an RME and a Ferrofish and i’m pretty happy with my setup, however a nice mixer would surely be a cool addition to my workflow. Hosted by Nimbus Hosting. I was reading quite a few alarming issues around the tascam desk. You need an account to post a reply. There are all kinds of drivers for every PC and Mac system you can name in a sticky for downloading. I don’t see this as a major issue. And the post DAW automation tasscam blow you away!!

Tascam DM | Downloads

Very versatile and can do many things. Remove this ad forever by registering! By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies.

There is a thread on thi track it’s about the BAE pres used to track drums. Besides don’t all big mix engineers always bring instruments up on the same set of channels? The devs beta test drivers via the Tascam DM forum. I know the Yammy a bit.

You can get a 02R96 or DM for a real cheap price these days and they are a lot better on every level over the Tasam. For those we have lost. I always thought these machines looked so cool. Regards to having 8 faders in the same time: Great as a control surface.

Sound is clean though and support has been dropped so be aware. This is gonna be my first console so I’m rather new to the topic. The DM is def more versatile. On last question before i pull the trigfer on the yammi dm Here are the two scenarios i would use this for: Also keep in mind that Tascam is not so good with keeping tasscam with drivers so if you use it with a mac, you should test it first.

Meaning as soon as you touch a fader the DAW jumps the the track, very quick and responsive. I’ve had these mixers for 10 years and never had tascxm screen failure and I never md them off.

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