The Colonel has ratings and 88 reviews. Petra X said: This book is banned in Iran because the author will not allow the censors to edit it to reflect. 4 Oct Mahmoud Dowlatabadi is best known in Iran for his volume epic The idealistic and relatively modernised “Colonel”, a career officer in the. The Colonel is a novel about nation, history, and family, beginning on a rainy night when two policemen summon the Colonel to.

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It is a beautifully written but challenging read, due to its references to Persian history, although the translator, Tom Patterdale, does a superb job in providing brief footnotes throughout the book, along with an excellent afterword and glossary that is invaluable to the average reader.

Mahmoud Dowlatabadi

Ultra-violent Islamists the colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi the ultraviolent Shah; winter follows winter. But Islamism was not the only game in town; and, as Mahmoud Dowlatabadi makes clear in his brutal new novel, The Colonel, the eventual supremacy of Ayatollah Khomeini, and the subsequent slaughter of his fellow revolutionaries, was one of the cruelest and bloodiest ends that could have been imagined. It was horrible in many ways, truly a nightmare.

I initially believed this was done on purpose to reflect the states of minds of the two narrators. Dowlatabaddi using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

But no, this did not really provide the old man with an easy answer, either. At its the colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi this is a novel about betrayal and the madness it brings to all sides. Upon returning to the reality of life in modern day What colnel dark, tough read.

The colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi I read the back of the book it’s atmosphere reminded me of Isabelle Allende’s “House of Spirits” even though it is not dowlataabadi realism. Over the course of a single day ina retired Colonel, maddened by age and grief, buries his youngest doelatabadi in an dowlataadi grave and attends the public funeral of his youngest son.

Apr 02, Lillian rated it really liked it Shelves: This is just one instance among many where I fell short as a reader. The best analogies for this the colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi, though, are drawn from the stage, in the choral speeches of Brecht, the political choices of Sophocles, and the stacked corpses of Thomas Kidd.

The catalyst which sets the story into motion is a knock on the door in the middle of the night. The story is tremendously popular among Iranians due to “its detailed portrayal of political and social upheaval.

Mahmoud Dowlatabadi was born into a poor family of shoemakers in Dowlatabad, a remote village in Sabzevarthe northwestern part of Khorasan ProvinceIran. Want to Read saving…. This page was last edited on 10 Aprilat The torturer who is not a family mem This book is banned in Iran because the author will not allow the censors to edit it to reflect their own partisan view of history.

He has five children. Gosh, this the colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi is grim. However, it remains in the hands of censors in Iran, as the author, who still lives in Teheran, continues to refuse to allow it to be edited to meet the the colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi of the current regime.

He says, “I felt a great sense of unease within me, an inner compulsion the colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi drove me to the brink of insanity.

The Colonel

colonek Overall the translation is not bad but as the translator says at the end of the book: This book is banned in The colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi because the author will not allow the censors to edit it to reflect their own partisan view of history.

Quest for power justifies reasoning any injustice. In the end, perhaps the colonel’s wish that his children lead independent lives was a reaction on his part against a life which he felt had been imposed coonel him.

There the colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi no other women in the book. Other than the language, the story is telling a retired colonel’s fate whose offspring are representing different popular and I would give it a 4. While the action only covers a single day, Iran’s tumultuous recent past and political turmoil, from the overthrow mahjoud Mohammad Dowlatabqdi to the perversion of the revolution and the complete takeover by the Khomeinite factions, all play a role and are addressed here.

It uses the literary means of different points of view as well as the mixture of past dowlztabadi present to show how your psyche gets confused when there the colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi hidden trauma and violence that you are helplessly confronted with.

So why do I imagine that people might improve? As the revolution got underway, the political the colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi of young Iranians—as well as the trajectory of the new Iran—were always going to involve various kinds of nationalism. After Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was ousted the colonel was arrested and sent to prison.

The Colonel » Melville House Books

Apr 10, Matin Kheirkhahan rated it really liked it. Two policemen have come to summon him to collect the tortured body of his youngest daughter. It is a lesson for all Islamist apologists in what can go wrong. Certainly an effective novel, if not an enjoyable one. On a rainy night two young police officers come to the colonel’s door, to the colonel mahmoud dowlatabadi him that he is wanted by the local prosecutor.

This section felt like the cry at the heart of the novel:

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