VA FORM 21-4142 PDF

VA Form – Authorization for Release of Information. Authorization for Release of Information. Effective date: June Downloads. VBA ARE. DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS (VA). VA FORM. FEB Existing stocks of the VA Form , JAN , will be used. 1. LAST NAME. Use Form to authorize the release of medical and other information to the VA. The VA Forms Database>( .

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Boxes 1, 2 and 4 are to be filled out with the veteran’s name, file number, and social security number. You need this form vq you were va form 21-4142 in or out of the military medical facilities.

Fillable Form Va 21-4142 (2014-2017)

Just Vets Helping Vets. It will be pretty simple. Wouldn’t my STRs support my claims?

That is, not v va form 21-4142 form in but a separate sheet with dates and va form 21-4142 of the VAMC. If a claimant other than the veteran is seeking benefits on behalf of the veteran, they must provide their name, relationship, and social security number in boxes 3, 5, and 6. Hope this helps and good luck.

I’ve always went to the same VAMC. October va form 21-4142,9: Members The team Contact us. In box 11, it is important that you have a witness sign and date the vq. This may take a second or two. In box 10, the veteran, the ga, or a legal representative must certify with their signature their consent of the Va Form The form would be used primarily for V.

I’ll do as you outlined. This is important as Veterans Affairs may need to contact you in regards to this form and to further obtain your consent for additional information they need for processing your claims. Provide your contact information including address and phone numbers. You need va form 21-4142 form for ANY claim. You must also include the dates and conditions or illnesses for which you were treated.

November 21st,9: You must include the name and addresses va form 21-4142 all offices for which your medical or disability claim involves. The first Section is used for general identification information. Therefore, they could only grant one, as that would be “pyramiding” for both.

This form must be on file va form 21-4142 Veterans Affairs can review va form 21-4142 medical or disability claims. A to obtain treatment records from any outside private care providers.

I am not sure what STR’s are, maybe your military medical records, make reference to them, times, dates, conditions.

Muskegon County, MI

November 20th,8: We’ve updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you’re agreeing to the updated terms. I don’t need to send it in?

Va form 21-4142 time you submit a claim you fill one out and send it in, or if you have multiple claims put them on this va form 21-4142. These boxes must be filled in. When you visit our site, preselected companies may use cookies or other certain information on your device to serve relevant ads and for analytics purposes. In Section II, you must identify all sources of medical information for which you are allowing Veterans Affairs to have.

So to review, you send fill out and send this form in for ANY now or in the future for any claims you may have. October 1st,9: While this is not necessary for all medical records, Veterans Affairs may need a va form 21-4142 statement when seeking some of your records.

Va form 21-4142 21st, BTW if you have other questions,feel free to come back,always someone here to help. After the form is filled out you mail it to your VA Regional Office good idea is to mail registered with return receipt.

What is the purpose of this form? Keep a copy on record, as you may need to submit additional consent forms if you make additional claims.

VA Form 21-4142 Authorization and Consent to Release Infomation FOR VA MEDICAL RECORDS?

October 3rd,7: Close Window Loading, Please Wait! If you need more room on the form, use some additonal pages and number them. Its a good idea to get copies of your military foorm records. If you have new claims in the future, fill out another form and mail it to the Regional Office. In box 8, provide any additional comments about your consent that will be helpful for Veterans Va form 21-4142 to seek your medical history and to view them.

The Va form 21-4142 Form is available on the Veterans Affairs documentation website or can be supplied through a local Veterans Affairs office. A couple va form 21-4142 years ago,I completed that form with V. Read all of the information and check the authorization box in box 9c.

October 2nd,8: You submit your evidence with it doctors records from outside and or inside to support your claim. Va form 21-4142 1st,2: I only need this form if I was seen outside of military treatment facilities or outside any VA hospital? Thank you for the information.

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